The REAL Unemployment Crisis (How To Prepare)

Today I want to talk about the coming unemployment crisis that will affect nearly half of workers by 2025

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I remember growing up and going to school and my teachers talking to us about the American Dream which was this idea that anyone, regardless of where they were born, or under which circumstances they were born into, they could achieve financial independence and find success as a result of hard work, determination, and perseverance. The idea is that each generation would make more than the generation that came before – that was called the American Dream, originally coined by James Truslow Adams in his 1931 book called The Epic of America. In those times, specifically in 1940, that was actually the case because 90% of kids born in that era did end up making more money than their parents. Today, that number is down to about half and is steadily declining.

The Bureau of Labor statistics just released their October data today and the unemployment rate fell to 6.9 percent, which leaves us with 11.1 million unemployed bringing us to where we were in around February of this year. So the good news is we’ve recovered around half the jobs since before the start of the pandemic, more and more people are returning to work from their temporary layoffs. The people that are most protected are the high income earners, so if you earn $60,000 a year or more the recession is almost over. Unemployment in that income level is projected to be down roughly 0.1% in comparison to prepandemic levels. But, if you’re earning $27,000 or less, unemployment levels are still down double digits and it’s not looking like it’s getting much better because the amount of people that are permanently being laid off is actually increasing as companies are forced to restructure the way their businesses by decreasing costs and getting rid of “non essential labor” (BLS:

This can be seen in many companies like Disney which is cutting 28,000 jobs, companies like Boeing announced they’re cutting 30,000 jobs in the next 2 years, Exxon Mobil cutting 14,000 jobs, Raytheon is cutting 20,000 jobs, Chevron cutting 15% of it’s entire workforce, and MGM has already laid off 18,000. The list goes on and on. Regardless of who becomes our next President, Congress will still be divided. The good news is that the greatest beneficiary to all of this division will be the stock market which generally prefers a divided congress and a democratic president where it has historically grown better.

Some of the jobs that we lost will never return and the ones that will, are going to look very different from before the pandemic according to the World Economic Forum. Roughly 85 million jobs are going to be replaced by the change of automation by 2025, while 97 million will be added (estimated numbers). Here are some jobs that will see an increase in demand over the next 5 years (source:

Internet of Things specialists, software and applications developers, cybersecurity / info security analysts, digital transformation specialists (which are people that look for existing and upcoming technologies to leverage growth and stay ahead of their competition), business development professionals, process automation specialists, digital marketing and strategy specialists (think social media), big data specialists, AI and machine learning, blockchain and data analysts and scientists. The 5 most important traits of these jobs are going to be creative thinking, analysis, problem solving, relationship / social influence, and tech skill.

Here are some jobs that will be seeing a decrease in demand in the future. Machine repairman, operations managers, business services / administration managers, assembly and factory workers, accountants and auditors, bookkeepers and payroll clerks, administrative / executive secretaries, and data entry clerks. Mostly people that are in middle management positions.

Please use this time to level up your skillset in preparation for the next few years as this pandemic has sped up the automation process significantly.

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  1. Кто из СНГ еще Андрюху смотрит, ставим лайк! (даже не подумал бы что он из Рашки, акцент просто шикарен)

  2. It’s a great perspective, but don’t buy into the full fear message; most automation won’t replace entire industries and jobs but rather tasks within those jobs. We’ll still have people in call centers; they’ll just spend less time manually entering data and more time building relationships or reducing the time you wait on hold. Some of the skills gap won’t be advanced tech like coding; it will be improved people skills to give companies a competitive advantage over the “droids”.

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  4. I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security. So I really appreciate your transparency and giving

  5. US workers are too pricey, i dont see any point to use overpriced american employee when there is an East Europe or Asia. If future is all about IT and digitization then it means that a lot of work will be (can be) done remotely. So why should i pay 2x or even 3x times more for US worker if i can pay less for THE SAME QUALITY OF WORK to people from more cheapier places? US is doomed and being built on the lies and eternal debt. Well the other option – there will be WW3. And what to do with all the unemployed people in future? There is just too much of people.

    Everyone should prepare that the future of mankind will be very very bad for bottom 90+ , and very very very very very good for the <5 percent of people. For the first time in history instruments replace the people itself. AI > people (and forget that bullshit story about luddites, it was a whole different story)

  6. One of the best investments to make is in your self! Understand to some extent the direction of the future and learn skills and knowledge that would be useful👌🏽

  7. Recently, I started seeing several YouTube videos that deals on how to trade in the stock market but haven't made any major progress because they are either talking trash or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands to avoid any loss.

  8. I'd like to see a video of how you edit your videos … charts with moving circles and lines, getting closer and then backing off. Are all of these tricks provided by Youtube for content creators? Anyway, your videos are top notch. Also, wouldn't mind knowing if you're camera savvy, or if an ordinary cell phone creates all these. Peace.

  9. I got laid off twice in the span of a year (May 2019)… this year I got laid off in April because of the pandemic. I managed to score a gig from Nov (2019 to April 2020).

    Its November and im still unemployed, I had like one interview (waiting on a yes or no), and like 3 responses back to my applications (mainly No, or we hired someone internally). Time is weird. Thinking about starting my own thing or I got to pivot my career from Design Engineer/Mechanical Engineer. Iv been sleeping on my side hustle idea, but I have a feeling someone is telling me to "just do it" or "try".

    I like restoring cars and working with my hands, 3D printing etc. Big into CAD but Im thinking about learning coding or something that just seems more desirable.

    Im also an immigrant, and basically we came here to have a better life. Iv seen my parents struggle and work hard. Since I knew how to speak English, guess who was translating documents at the age of 12 to my parents….lol. Im 27 now, bummed out about the whole situation but Ill try to make something work.

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  12. when you have a global crises like that you nedd to make your money give you divident weekly even if its will not be your normal live standart good from not having any income so that why i started making my stooks and my fucher stook pay me weekly divednt

  13. Hey, a quick thanks… received a check from the state of Virginia for $165.25 that I wouldn't of researched without your earlier video showing me how. Appreciate it.

  14. I am big fan of your YouTube channel. Watching from Birmingham in England. Can you make a video about the jump in stocks today and how that affected your portfolio. I started investing because of your videos. 🙏

  15. sorry but its pretty likely that itll be a waste of time to go from data entry to "learning deep learning". Most jobs that require knowledge of deep learning as a skill require a graduate degree in CS, Math, Engineering. It's not something you just watch a few videos a day for 6 months and slap on a resume and apply for a Data Scientist job or Machine Learning engineer. Your resume wont even make it past the filter, since many of those jobs require a PhD, or at least professionaly experience in software engineering with knowledge of machine learning. I HATE when these things get recommended to everyday people because it blows up the application pool with useless applications and makes it harder for those of us with grad degrees in CS to be seen. Want to get a job related to Deep Learning? get a cs or math degree. otherwise youre wasting your time

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