How Much Youtube Paid Me (DECEMBER 2019) | HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOUTUBERS MAKE 2020

HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOUTUBERS MAKE 2020 – What YouTube Paid Me Since Being Monetized 15 Days ago….
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In this training I’m going to talk about how much do Youtubers make. Throughout this complete training video I’m going to talk about how much money do YouTubers actually make in 2020 and I’m also going to talk about my personal income reports after being you to monetize. As you know I was just monetized on December 15th 2019. when I was YouTube monetized I was extremely happy that I could achieve such a goal that I said out to achieve two to three years. I was able to get monetized within 7 months, go check out my video and see my journey on how I got monetized. But this video I’m going to talk about how much money I made on YouTube and how most YouTuber actually make money with their Channel.

I’m going to take you into my personal YouTube analytics and show you how much money I’m making per video and how much I want to make as I move forward with my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel passive income Lifestyles has grown exponentially and I I will continue to grow it until I can hit a hundred thousand subscribers by the end of 2020. My goal is to make a full-time income just with YouTube ad Revenue but of course I have a ton of other income streams that will help me monetize my channel. Most YouTubers want to just monetize their Channel and make money from YouTube ad but the best way to do it is to have coaching or to have affiliate marketing to supplement them until they are monetized.


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How Much Youtube Paid Me (DECEMBER 2019) | HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOUTUBERS MAKE 2020

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  1. It cracks me up how people pan on YouTube Ads/Monetization as not being a viable income stream.
    If you are making a profit, then you are making a profit. Is $500-$1000 per month enough to quit your job, certainly not.
    You shouldn't depend on any 1 stream as your "I quit my job" money, but damn, even an extra $200 per month will pay the heat bill!

    Great work Jonathan! Keep on killing it!!

  2. I love the way you are transparent, and showing us the potential when we are monetized. You are showing how success can be achieved with hard work. I am inspired to do this now.

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