Her Site Went from $50/month to $2600/month in Less Than a Year! – Here's How

What does it look like to make a living with blogs as a single mom? THIS. April is a Project 24 member that’s doing epically well with her sites recently! What gets us so excited about this story is how it started small ($50 a month with a blog), then got big really quickly ($2600+ a month) and is on a MASSIVE upward trajectory to success!

Here’s some inspiration for you!

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  1. this is the best thing that's happened to my writing. I am still in the early days with a 3month old blog but have earned some itsy bitsy revenue. Am at 50articles now and ramming it to 100articles in a few months. Best value for money

  2. I love how you aren't trying to teach us how to get rich quick 😁 you're teaching us how to build an online business, and aren't shy of telling us that it will be hard. Kudos to you 😁

  3. It's cool that she has a follow-up website that details the numbers for her different blogs; however, I can't find any links to see the sites in action.
    I am looking for examples of how to do layouts and what works best for presentation… plus ideas for SEO.
    She does an excellent job keeping up with the details…
    Does anyone have a links to the actual websites? Thanks!

  4. "This is not an overnight, get rich quick, super easy thing"… Wait. What?! No!!!
    You mean to tell me that if I follow "three simple steps" and just "apply the formula" that Guru Pitka sold me for $200, I won't be making tens of thousands of dollars per week, within a week?! Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! That's soul crushing.

    Joking, of course, it's funny how most sales pitches go exactly like that: there's a formula for selling a bogus formula, and the formula for selling the formula apparently works, even though the formula doesn't. Ha.

  5. Hey guys love your content but could you possibly do more videos where you share unsuccessful current Project 24 members sites and break down why they are not working then what to do to improve it like your video "This Site is Making $0 Because of These 3 Mistakes – Website Review" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GqqoC9Ndj0. For example reviewing someone like @Passive Income Phil where he is a student in your course currently on month 15. In summary, he worked 330 hrs for $185. This is not including the $449 cost for the Project 24 course. He seems very organized and thorough so going through more realistic examples like him would be more helpful then just all the success stories. Thanks!

  6. What class should I sign up for? Will i have the opportunity to ask questions and get relevant answers or will i be on my own? i have a number of adsense properties and would love to increase adsense monthly.

  7. So I can start a website for free? And then just write on what I 💘… Omg. I must learn more. I have a lot to speak about but I don't understand how to get a desire advertised… Is it through u tube you advertise for people to go find your site?

  8. I found the youtube channel for Income School about a year and a half ago when I was unemployed. The first purchase I made when I got a job in July (2019) was Income School. Guess what a found out, you would think that I would be old enough to know this already, but just watching the videos does not make you money. Now I am unemployed again, for the 4th time in 5 years at 60+++, guess who just got motivated. Thank you so very much, April for your amazing story, and thank you, Jim & Ricky, for throwing the "just do this" card back in my face. Content Warrior challenge, here I come.

  9. Congrats, April! I'm also a Project 24 Member and what Jim and Ricky preach is the real deal. They have helped me grow my site from 6k monthly visitors to over 300k in a little over a year. Imagine where your blogs will be in another 12 months! 😀 PS. I don't know how you run a dozen sites. I have three and have a hard time focusing on more than one at a time!

  10. P24 is awesome! I've been making full-time money online since 2012 but bought Project 24 to add to my digital portfolio. The sites are plugging along nicely and I'm excited for more growth of the newer sites I'm adding to the portfolio using the training!

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