Snippet Optimization Tutorial: Using Answer Targets to win featured snippets

It’s finally here; your guide to winning featured snippets on Google every time. With this video we teach you exactly what we do to jump to the front of the line in search engine results pages (SERPs) even with a smaller, newer, less qualified blog. This is some real secret sauce – enjoy!

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0:00 Why Snippets Matter
1:20 Stats on Google Snippets
2:18 Answer Targets
4:25 Teeing Up The Answer
5:42 Where to Tee Up the Answer
6:15 The 4 Types of Snippets
7:13 Formatting Answer Targets
7:50 Making it Standalone
8:45 Encyclopedia-style Answers
9:37 Bloops

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  1. Cannot find your Snippet phrase within your Camper Report. What am I missing? "RV Depreciation: Everything you need to know – Camper Report › rv-depreciation-everything-…
    There's just one main difference between travel trailer / fifth wheel depreciation and that of a motorhome: travel trailers and fifth wheels hold their value more .."

  2. Hello Ricky and Jim, after some time I stumbled across your snippet video again. I think the reason was your recent blogging interview where the guy also highlighted the importance of writing answer targets. I have wetted my toe with his approach already ansd done not too bad.

     However I find it extremely difficult to win those snippets systematically. Sometimes I do. More often times I don't.

    So my question to you is if you are aware of any changes on how winning snippets work since the video was published a couple of months ago. Thanks! Love your Vids + free content!

  3. I decided to make a WordPress website after about 8 years of not being in the space. I watched a tutorial that told me to install Yoast SEO. I was surprised that the plugin hasn't changed its advice during the 8 years. That same day during KW research, I encountered a snippet from a page that only had 42 words and a 30-second video. I went to look for reasons and found you guys. Great content. I am binge-watching you and Toast SEO is now gone from my site.

  4. I feel obliged to like this video for the simple reason that Jim destroyed his deck just for the sake of a visual hook.
    Well played, sir.

  5. I like your content. Can I tell you honestly what is letting down your videos. Cut to full screen if you are using this much on screen text from the PowerPoint like slide. Or loose some words off each line. Go for more line height and bolder text. Text needs to be bigger overall. It looks unprofessional and it isn’t on screen for nearly enough time to read it. If you want me to read it let me read it or link to a PowerPoint or similar after the presentation. Also you should break up the video with titles to say what coming next and then have an end card where you summarise main points. Your video teaching isn’t working as well as it could and it just needs a little tweak.

  6. Hey, can you tell me an ideal meta description length? Is it between 135-160 characters or 160 to 250 characters or between 250 to 300 characters? and is it compulsory that my meta description paragraph should be present in the actual blog post? Answer would be appreciated

  7. at the very least, both of you are on equal footing in your wardrobe for this vid. both of you in collared shirts… looks really nice. 🙂
    Watch out for me on P24 by yearend. Getting there in saving up 25k in my currency for P24. Need to sort out and revive my channel, too. Thank you for the great vid. ❤ from the 🇵🇭

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