These are the Top-Paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers (5 Industries for 2020)

If you are only using Amazon Associates for your affiliate marketing on your website, it’s probably under-monetized. Today we are going to talk about a bunch of affiliate programs that can make you way higher commissions, and offer way better benefits, no matter what niche you are in.

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  1. Please, don´t recommend this. The products are crap. There are tons of complaints all over the net. Please search here on YT for "teds woodworking plans2, f.ex. No person with a little dignity and integrity should have to do with them. I usually like your content and am very disappointed now. Btw, you will have to pay 50 bucks before getting accepted by them. What for? i have no Idea.

  2. plus Clickbank will charge you for every month you don't have a sale! so your small commis cheque will be wiped out! If you are going to rely on Clickbank for an income, you will be wasting your time, just like I did!

  3. I don't believe Clickbank figures. My traffic volume doesn't reflect on their figures. I tried them for 2 years now without ONE sale! They are RUBBISH!

  4. I am based in Europe and in the pet niche. Most affiliate programs and sellers I see don't ship to Europe and I could not find any programs for Europe. So far I can only see Amazon and AliExpress (maybe atm not cool since based in China). Do you have any tips for affiliates in Europe in the pet niche?

  5. Finance is the best. I use to have a girlfriend that was a make-up artist. It was always screwing with my head to try and find high margin offers in that industry cause I sorta kinda felt entitled to teach her the business and work with her. Thank God she left my ass cause it was going to be hell.

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