Pro Blogger vs. BRAND NEW Blogger – What Are The Differences?

Learn how to write good blog posts with a side by side comparison of a total beginner vs a professional blogger!

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  1. Just found your channel today and am very impressed with the content. This video brings up a couple of questions for me. 1) What if your core topic doesn't lend itself to tables and numeric analysis? And 2) How do you give GREAT information in free blog posts when you want to sell courses on the same topic?

  2. I do request you guys to give us the reality check of writing a blog. Your videos are really useful and I am an avid watcher/visitor to them but I feel that you don't talk about "what one can expect? what surprises are hidden?" which can be very useful for a new blogger so they know what are they really getting into. You make it sound like blogging is so easy to do and can be done along with your other responsibilities but when you start writing your blog, you realize the amount of time and commitment it needs. Specially when one wants to go your route (which is answer people's questions).

    As Ricky said, he was interested in pellet grills and he spent 6 months researching this and then took 2 hours to write that beautiful post. Now that you know the context, could you please do a video on how much time, money and commitment you need exactly in producing a blog post. Ricky also had pictures and videos embedded. Looks like he bought each one of them. Does everyone of us have to do a thing like that? This leads to thinking that one should also need to have enough capital to buy relevant products so you can try them out and write a good article.

    Your feedback appreciated. Thanks

  3. In other words you wrote the article on pellet grills in "6 months and 2 hours". When I watch your videos giving information like "it took us 15 minutes to write an article", you don't mention the research time. I was like how in the world it is possible to write something in 15 minutes (of course you can write an irrelevant piece in 15 minutes). When you want to write an article, it means you have to do both "a LOT of research" and then "sit down to write an article". That sitting down to write part can be done in 15 minutes to 2 hour depending on your topic and speed (factoring in the amount of time you need to organize, format, grammar and spell check the article).

  4. I think sometimes it also depends on the demand of answers to a question and/or niche no matter how it's written as long as it gives answers and solutions to people's questions and problems. I think focusing on the quality of data and value is more important than focusing on SEO. SEO should be secondary and come organically if one puts more than 99% in providing value.

  5. I bought your guys course two weeks ago. It's the best course I've every invested in.
    You guys definitely gave more than what is expected so thank you! I'm on my 6th blog post, 24 more to go!

  6. Guys thanks for the snippet tip! I was ranking ‘Kinda ok’ for a very competible keyword. I answered the question in a list form as the short answer. BAM snippet position! 🙂

  7. As always, your video is sooo informative..I've been blogging for 2 years as a ghost writer. I always try to apply anything you guys teach cause it's so practical. Though I really wanted to purchase an access to Project 24 for so long, I'm still earning my way to it. 🙂 Keep up the great content ❤️

  8. I once told a sales rep, "I'm so green I don't even one what questions to ask." I can imagine the obstacle this would present to blogging about a product. Before you can present answers, you have to know that the questions are.

  9. "Word vomit" LOL!!!!! You guys are pure entertainment to watch. Thanks for the laughs and for giving EXCELLENT info at the same time. Love you both. Thanks for being real people, funny, and super helpful.

  10. I have been following you guys long.. i really did not trust you guys enough at first.. I did not even trust your course to have enough valuable information.. But still i was curious and bought the course.. But it was all WORTH It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May be i didn't trust you enough because your videos did not start with a lamborghini 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. I just started researching for my niche site and I found two other sites in the same niche and both are running Acabado. The keyword research results are so appetizing I am still going all in. Sorry if these are your students. 😛

  12. Hey you know you have a channel called income school and one called WP school and one called vid school? How about doing one called business school? I would love some advice for like account keeping, whether I should go sole trader or limited company etc etc I'm sure you'd do really well with it and I'm sure it would go hand in hand with income school

  13. This is one of your best videos yet! So packed with nuggets to rank:) love the comparison. Writers especially have a hard time with blogging because we want to tell stories. Story telling is important but only after you have the reader on your site and google won’t send them there with your stories.

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