Why Your Site Content Isn't Even Getting Ranked

Here are some HUGE indicators to look into if you’re not seeing your site’s pages and posts show up in Google search results. If this is happening, you’ll definitely want to apply the ninja tips we share in this video ASAP.

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0:00 The Nerd Burn and Why It Matters
1:10 All the Ways Google Finds Your Site
2:35 How to Check if Your Site Has Been Crawled
4:20 Is Your Site Getting Indexed?
7:32 Qualitative Checks on Your Content
9:48 The Silver Bullet

Project 24 is a product of Income School LLC. Results mentioned are not typical. The trademark “Project 24” refers to the goal of some people to create a successful business in 24 months, but is not a promise or guarantee of that success. Many online businesses fail because, like any business, it requires hard work, skill, and dedication. Before making business decisions, consult financial and legal professionals licensed in your jurisdiction.


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  1. We recorded this video (obviously) before the social distancing became official in our small state of Idaho, so the next few videos will have to be a bit different to accommodate everyone’s remote work schedule. This will be fun to see how it works to record together from across town! Thanks to everyone watching this!

  2. The way i see the channel, they started with some knowledge. But now its all about their own marketing to sell their products and courses. No one rules google ranking. Plz go back to your old videos. It was more informative.

  3. I posted an article on my website yesterday morning, following all the tips you provide in your videos and today, about 26 hours later, I got an email saying my article has been indexed! So my valentine's day gift from me to me will be to join Projet 24.

  4. I just started learning about SEO and within the first few minutes of this video I was like “what language are they speaking” lol 😂 but I’m powering through the videos nonetheless and hoping I can eventually make sense of it.

  5. I am having a specific question. I am following you am working on my blogs. But as I am creating new content the main problem I am facing is with the image. As most of the images are copyrighted (except pexels, pixabay ECT.). Please suggest how to add images on my blog for trending topics

  6. Great stuff team, I am in the 24 program but I am on Shopify for my business, is there another App like manageWp that I can use to check my blog rankings? It has been fun seeing my posts being read and product being sold but it does take time out of a productive work day and every minute counts.

  7. There is a difference between authentic teachers and fake gurus. With all the shiny objects and people selling pie in the sky it is so refreshing to be around Jim and Ricky who don't sugar coat that there is no fast way to make money online. This is called, the real deal.

  8. Holy crap!!!! I just did the test of entering the first few sentences of my blog posts in google and like half of them don't even show up!? Instead a whole bunch of other websites related to my topic show up!!!! WTF!!! I can't beleive it! I pride myself on how high quality I made my articles and google dosent even want to touch them? What is going on here?? Here is an example: https://freedomacademyhq.com/how-to-build-confidence/

  9. Hey guys, thanks for the info, last month I made a mistake and deleted my google analytics plugin on my website and my google search console told me my website was not indexed… But now I requested a crawl and I got a new analytics plugin (Google Site Kit) so it should be good. But just to be clear, if you have no analytics plugin, google can't index your site?

  10. I found the income school podcast and got so excited! I listen to podcasts alot while I'm pushing my daughter in her pram.

    I got even more excited when I heard about the killer mastermind deal you had on. Then I realised it was for black Friday. In 2014!! 🙈🙈

    Oh well, I will have to keep dreaming about membership 🤞

    Is it worth listening to the old podcasts or is the content too out of date?

  11. The statement that Google knows you're there is not true.

    We just closed a site that everyone who knew about it loved, but couldn't build the way it should have.

    It was linked to all the Google tools you mention, but Google had not indexed it in more than a year.

    Our site was about everything to do with entertainment in the Raliegh-Durham area.

    It was extremely family friendly and had tons of interviews and information about the events happening in the area.

  12. thanks to you guys, I made my first $10 on my niche website with Amazon affiliate. Is this a good sign? My website is only 4 months old and I already have 100 users monthly?

  13. my website is 20 days old and usually my blog posts in the search console are under " discovred – not yet indexed " n its staying like that for like 9 days , is that normal for a new website ?

  14. Does anyone know anything about running ads to child and teenager traffic ? I am thinking about building a site that would target mostly children and teenagers, so I am kinda worried about whether I'll be able to monetize it or not. Thanks in advance.

  15. What mean I m start my blog befor 5 weeks and my RMP is 2610€ what that mean. But I must said its organic and my google ads from blog is temporarily removed. What to do? Can you give me some advice

  16. Thanks for the great content again ! Have a small question: My site is 3-month old in VR niche. For March I had about 6,700 new visitors and above 8,000 clicks ( 162 orders) in Amazon US (12 direct purchase). But the earning was about $270. Actually, I expected more considering this large number of clicks in Amazon. Do you think I am doing something wrong here ? Thanks for your feedback in advance !

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