How Much Do Blogs Earn in 2021? Things have changed.

Ever wonder what other blogs are earning? So did we. Jim breaks down survey results and details what blogs with 10, 100, and 500 blog posts are earning.

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  1. What about small niches where the sites that rank well only have 10-20 articles themselves. Could you outrank them and become the authority in that niche by writing a similar number of articles? When it comes to google ranking and SEO, will this niche site rank faster and start bringing in traffic sooner than the 8 month average?

  2. Hi Jim

    Great content.
    The earnings that you show in the video are they from pure adsense or do they also include other types of monetizaton like affiliates? I guess it was pure adsense, but just want to be 100 % sure.

  3. I have just found your channel and it has been so inspirational!

    My niche is all about Istanbul (where I live), I show everything about the culture, places to visit, hidden gems, foods, etc, etc, about a year ago I started with my YT channel which I have seen good results in a short time.

    Recently I started a blog too where I can share in more details all about Istanbul BUT since I don’t have much time to write and focus I left my website dead for about 2 months 😅 I have around 10 blogs in total. I want to write more of course but what kills me is doing a same post in 2 languages (Spanish my native language and English) my audience on YT are mainly people speaking those languages.

    But now after watching some of your videos I feel motivated to start writing, doesn’t matter IF I DON’T TAKE A SHOWER FOR 3 months hahahahah.

    I also share the few blogs I’ve written so far on FB groups related to my niche, of course on my IG and on my YT community and so far we have seen a good amount of traffic even though is a small blog still. Definitely I’ll keep feeding it frequently and see what the resulta are!
    Thanks for this amazing content you share with us!

  4. I'm writing 4 articles a day. Expecting to reach 600 by May 31st (I'm at 198 rn). Will update this later this year. For those who ask, I have a lot of time since I don't have a job.

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