Creating a Winning Content Plan for Your Blog (The Battleship Method)

Want to know how to rank #1 on Google consistently, over time, for years to come? This is what we’re talking about. The ranking algorithm is changing and you need to know how to effectively adjust your content so that it’s always the best, and always hits the top of search engine rankings.

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0:00 Why This Matters
0:36 The Battleship Method
1:30 Gride Phase
3:05 Analyze Phase
6:06 Win Phase
9:09 Why to Implement This Now
12:01 Win Phase Part 2

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  1. Great video, fellas. I have been following your progress here on YouTube for a couple of years now. I had to say that I have picked up quite a bit of knowledge along the way, so thanks for that!

  2. As a former student, I am amazed at the value you provide to new internet marketers. This battleship analogy to going back and adding more value to your former post that is ranking on Google s 1st page is gold. My question is since we start a response post and stable post similar to a pillar post with the same type of recipe of a pillar post, is the goal to eventually develop the older ranking response post and stable post into pillar post to keep them up to date with the competition? Please share this in a video if this is ideal. Thanks!

  3. Thanks guys! To implement the tag, are you using an extension? or are you going in "Appearance" then "Theme Editor" and then in the header.php file in WordPress?

  4. At 2:41 you’ll discover that Jim and Ricky are subconsciously priming us to visit their flamethrowers for babies & small children affiliate sites. Big commissions here boys, steal this niche while its still hot (no pun intended)

  5. What if your blog has multiple categories with lots of the same sub categories, ie: dog 1, dog 2, dog 3, then the sub-categories for each would be, health, sleep, care, grooming etc. Would you concentrate on one dog and its sub-categories. OR dog 1-4 and stick with 1 sub-category??? it just posts within "Health"

  6. Any tips for an actual SEO website? I'm testing several things currently, however all the long-tail keywords and concepts I've checked (be it through Google's auto complete or otherwise), already have a lot of competition. Basically moz, ahrefs, yoast… And there's no way to compete with these guys for the first positions obviously. I've thought of trying to broaden my blog section and cover more "general marketing tips / tactics, etc." However, in the end the page should be about SEO / Google Ads so how do you think that would do? It's interesting how I can help my clients to rank better for their content but can't think of a way of doing the same for my site 🤔

  7. Hello Jim & Ricky,

    That's a pure gold. But I've one question:

    So how do you calculate each blog post will bring 1k/month visits, without their search volume. Is the post a staple content or a response post?

    I'm ranking on first position but not bringing 1K visit. Please reply soon

  8. Jim and Ricky, two things. One comment and one question. First the comment. I agree that updating older content that has hit is smart. But Ricky’s point of keeping one to two hundred blog posts evergreen is unreasonable for this of us doing this part time as a side hustle. Sure, that works for full-time seo guys like you but working folks doing this on the side..that’s not realistic. Secondly, here’s the question. I love the idea of each blog post getting 1k visits per month. But, please tell me how during your search analysis phase, do you justify if a topic, question or keyword could get that volume since you guys don’t use keyword research tools that provide inaccurate data. I agree with your search analysis, alphabet soup method using auto suggest etc, but how do you vet the topic to know if it’ll get to 1k page views?

  9. "I would never spend 16 hours on a single blog post. I won't make any progress." That really hit home for me. I needed to hear that. Thank you. A happy but lazy p24 member here 🙂 Congratulations on the baby!

  10. Do you use Google Search Console for this method? Are you looking at keywords that Google is throwing up for a particular post, then updating that content for those particular searches?

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