I Tried to Become a Millionaire By 30 – [Age 29 Update]

Just over 3 years ago, I set myself the challenge to become a millionaire before the age of 30. I’m now 29 so I’ve recorded this update on my progress so far.

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  1. Hey Liam… I'm certainly not one of those haters, I absolutely know you will get there, if you have not already since making this vid. You may have heard that I hit $1 mill with one of my products this year (all from my YouTube channel) and I kinda wasn't even expecting to, lol. I'd love to interview you on my channel? Reach out if your up for it? Keep up the great work mate.. From your local (ish) friend and fellow brit, Paul.

  2. Hi Liam, I'm folowing you since the begening. You are awesome! I beleive that you'll make it. Keep Pushing… I saw that you started to follow me too, it's such an honor that a successful person like you is folowing my channel. I have a crazy goal as well and you are part of my motivation. Thank you

  3. This is the first time I saw your video while I searching how to get grow fast a 1000 people Subscribers in my YouTube channel and I found you now I’m so inspired & impressed you while listening and Watching your video, I hope I’m gonna be a successful YouTubers someday

  4. Hey Liam, I watched this video when it was released, I got your course and did what you said about SET, SEE AND SHARE. I did today and I got a whole lot of critics, friends saying it is impossible and all that. This has made me so happy and pumped up (I was jumping around the house actually like I have made the money 😂😂😂) cus it has made me so pumped up and am committing to this fully to make it happen. Thanks for this Bro.
    Wait, I actually said I will earn $100,000 in 16 months (By December 2021).

  5. Nice Stuff James… I might be late to win your affiliate marketing course for free. I want to purchase this. Can you please show me the table of contents of the course or any introductory video if available?

  6. Love your videos liam. It has been so educational and informative and has inspired me so much. I'm about to start my own journey on becoming a millionaire ( if I don't try I won't know if I could make it) so here goes nothing. I hope I get to inspire people too the way you did for me

  7. Liam you are my inspiration as i am 25 too… And i am going to make a video and set a GOAL of becoming a MILLIONAIRE by the age of 28. I will start my online passive business by learning from your TRAINING videos. And i will find a way to become millionaire in 3 years

  8. Congrats Liam. Here's a review everyone should read. Thing is most of the stuff you promote isn't going to make a penny for 99% of your viewers.
    Yeah, you work hard at it. But promoting crap is what gives this industry a bad name. Even if your subscribers follow your instructions, you leave out a ton of important info. (I know why too)
    It's all about sales, no matter if the product you're promoting is crap. Think about it Liam.

    P.S. Likely why your subscriber numerous are plummeting. Sad

  9. I am inspired by your journey bro.
    I am going to be 19 this September and I am going to start a ecom store this year and I am also thinking to start a insta page for affiliate marketing.
    Btw, I found that star emoji.
    Hope, I am that lucky one ❤️

  10. Am very inspired by your journey bro. Am also about to hit 30 in less than 3 years now and am praying to be a millionaire by the time I reach there. You've proven that's it's possible and achievable. Now it's up to me to really focus on achieving my goals. Stay blessed and keep on inspiring more people out here.
    And I DID find the emoji haha.

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