I Quit My $1000 Per Day PROFITABLE Shopify Dropshipping Store

I recently tried Shopify dropshipping & managed to grow my store to over $1000+ per day in ONE WEEK…but I decided to QUIT. In this video I reveal why & show you my new much more profitable business model.

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Drop Shipping is a business model that allows you to make money online by selling products online.

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Disclaimer: This description contains affiliate links, when you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. This comes directly from the company and does not affect you in anyway. These affiliate links allow me to continue to post free content on YouTube.

Earnings Disclaimer: My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical. You Results can be more or less. I can not guarantee anything.


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  1. I have done dropshipping on many different many platforms but I didn't use Shopify my first earnings werre made when I had 0 to start with as you said dealing with the chargebacks, refunds, complaints such a headache but made loads of money from it but I changed to affiliate marketing I have not made anything from I am finding it difficult and need some help I hope you can reach a hand and help me with it

  2. Hi Liam, thanks for this great video. I do have one question. From your experience, what do you think how much days or weeks should be invested in promoting one specific product so we be sure it doesn't convert and that we should move into promoting different products. Thanks

  3. Hello Liam thanks for this great video.
    I was about to start drop but i think i wont do it better try affiliate/cpa. I sent you a private msg on insta also please check.
    Can you give link for matrix network and some other good websites please? Thanks again.

  4. Liam is great. But he never talks about his traffic sources. PLease give us a hint on that. Affiliate or CPA without a good source of traffic is nothing. You show us your astronomical profits and some of us think we can make this business work. You only say "promote that link" but the way to promote it is the key to success.

  5. Liam my friend, super proud of what you have achieved. I remember watching you first videos couple years back and saying I’m gonna do this too, when I threw the towel in you continued and you are doing super well for yourself 👏🏻🙌🏼👊🏼 I’d like to get going. My question is what’s your average ad bankroll? And if u spent 2k on advert for example what would you expect your ROI to be? CPA marketing seems to suit my likes more than building a brand etc.

    I joined max bounty ages ago and haven’t done anything with it so this is why I ask. I want to get something going with that just wondering how much to expect to have to spend etc.

    Cheers pal

  6. Halloween is upcoming. If you would like to decor your store with stickers Halloween, try and do it on the "Super Watermarks" app on Shopify. It helps you have an attractive store with pretty product images. Besides, you can protect your product images and build your own brand by adding your logo to product images.

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