Using Fiverr To Get TikTok Famous

I paid multiple fiverr sellers to try and get me TikTok famous… The results were.. well, just watch.

Resources for EVERYTHING in this video (the Fiverr sells, total spent, results, whats I would do different and so much more)

I Paid Fiverr To Create a Dropshipping Business

In this video I am going to walk you through a case study where I spend $300 as a challenge to see if I can get ‘TikTok’ famous. Now here is the deal, I am ONLY allowed to use Fiverr sellers and I am NOT allowed to use collaborations to get myself famous. Let’s see if any of these sellers can actually get me famous on TikTok. We are not trying to sell anything on here or drop ship anything from AliExpress. This video is strictly to see if I can get famous on TikTok. This video is for entertainment purposes only. We are


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