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    Another OLYMPUS DAO Fork – JADE. Let’s dive into these crazy APYs they are offering right now. (NFT Project I HIGHLY Recommend) CCC NFT Discord: Updates + plays when I take them on twitter with notifications: In this episode – JADE insane returns – Diving deeper into JADE – 2 projects I am […] More

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    Are Crypto DAOs a BAD Idea?

    Best DAOS. Are DAOs legit? What is a crypto DAO? 💵Get up to $250 in Bitcoin from Blockfi 🔗Join the Patreon: ✨ Kucoin (exchange I use): Binance Exchange: 👴iTrust Capital Crypto Roth ($100 free) 💻Free Discord Link: 📚 My YouTube School: 💵LIMITED: Get 2 FREE Stocks: 🚚My […] More

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    TOP STAKING FORKS! INSANE APYs (+80,000% to +1,000,000,000%+)

    Follow my NEWEST (and last Tik Tok) account: Many have been asking for some of the top staking platforms (ohm forks) that are around right now. These are a mix of some that are talked about heavily and some that are more ‘trusted’. Signals, Exclusive Content, content that should only be on my OF […] More