Another OLYMPUS DAO Fork – JADE. Let’s dive into these crazy APYs they are offering right now.

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In this episode
– JADE insane returns
– Diving deeper into JADE
– 2 projects I am investing in

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  1. Have you seen this amazing new OHM Fork called Diamond Bank Dao? They won’t allow anyone to give them money for Whitelists or presales because they say it ruins projects. They said 80% of whitelist projects fail or rug pull. Finally, a Dao you can trust that has their own money.

  2. I'm new to forex trade and crypto trading.
    And I find it difficult using this strategies well, where can I find a legit broker?
    That will help me manage my account and also teach me how to trade?

  3. Great video. I started watching your videos last year as a beginner before giving stock market a trial. I was able to make $17,300 with a capital of $4,000 trading with an experience expert who guided me through out my trading.

  4. I'm staked $28.76 in Jade and $20 in wonderland why my money very low because I started $35 staking in binance and I earned $200 so this money in my profit if this money loss it's not affecting me I hope I can earn more with defi staking I will stake more in this project still, I have $122 in my binance account

  5. I think j have an explanation for why the number of holders are low. Its because most if not all of them have staked their Jade. That means you need to check the staked Jade contract??

  6. Why would you preach time but you haven’t done the 5 minute research to just find the time wonderland team lol… I like time as well I just find that kinda funny and naive for a crypto research channel

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