What is going on with Jade Protocol ($JADE)? There seems to be something sketchy happening in the background and I am going to dissect a little deeper on what I think is really happening here.

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In this episode
– Trends vs. price for JADE
– JADE PROTOCOL Einstein disappearing
– Other JADE questions to think about


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  1. Dude why don’t you review jade now?? They did not abandon smart lol
    And all DAOs are kinda scam. Jade is about utility.. All changes were done bc of the community voted for it😅
    And you are obviously just seeing the charts and not involved in the project..

  2. What the hell. Don't people understand the price goes down when whales sell off? As long as they guarantee treasury buybacks then they are keeping their word. Case dismissed. They are not just being trolls either, you are focusing so hard on the trolling like it means anything when completely ignoring and unfairly ignoring the fact that they are openly disclosing their every move and addressing each point on their twitter. This video is really weird man. Just understand how they communicate, I think most people do honestly.

  3. most of your shit is pure scam jade protocol , hector dao ,…. only time is maybe surviving lol the rest is all shit the % they give out is all wrong. all fake not real

  4. Honestly it just sounds you are frustrated because you are in loss, everything you stated doesn’t proof absolutely anything lol clearly you aren’t very bright as you are fudding your own investment for no reason

  5. I agree with you this is the greatest Scam ( i say its a scam because they took out the buy back price, if they wanted to they could buy back and burn the coin. They choose not to there just going to keep the money in the treasury) .5k down the drain.

  6. bro i really wanted to watch ur video, but kept thinking whats wrong with his cmc site …..then it dawned on me ur in day mode, sorry bud you gna have to go pro mode and be on the dark side to get the best of the rest degens in dark mode, daywalker out

  7. Here’s the bottom line with Jade that I have come to realize from my own personal experience. Jade is not a rug pull and it’s not a scam. It’s simply a legit project with people behind it that have nasty attitudes because they simply have no idea what the hell they’re doing. That’s pretty much the entire description of Jade if someone was to ask me anything about Jade.

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