This is my response to a video regarding Jade Protocol ($JADE) MAYBE being a scam project. Let’s dissect the arguments here.

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In this episode
– Jade Protocol scam breakdown response
– Don’t eat KFC


What do you think?


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  1. i lost 95% of money with jade with no sign of current growth. other doas im in at least show volume growth even with price decrease from the down market.. jade is a dead slug for me. I was up 2x during the bull market in jade. But they show no sign of trying to grow investors funds during the bear market. They only appear to be looking for new investors. Poor communication from the devs. Total Ponzi Scam in my opinion

  2. Why is the APY and the value of the token going down at the same time? I thought they would move in opposite ways. e.g. if more people come in, the APY goes down and the value of the token should go up.

  3. if jade is legit then why is it that in their calculator the future price is 10x the current price? It tricks people because its really hard to spot where the comma is located. People think they'll make thousands in days by staking only 100 dollars worth of jade only to find out that the calculator's future price was set to 10x current price by default. ???

  4. I believe some changes will happens and will be a before and after airdrop… I am in jade for the ride, losing money now but all market is in the red sea… I will be back in a 2 months to see what my 2.5K become ^^

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