My Bank Account Was Frozen // Transfer(Wise) Guide – Boracay Island | Aspire 216

Frozen bank accounts, can’t pay workers, and client complaints – just another day in Boracay paradise. TransferWise can be a great app, but your account can get frozen without you knowing it. Learn how you can resolve these issue and have an enjoyable stay in Boracay!

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – intro
1:00 – back to work
3:18 – Boracay
7:00 – catch up…
8:43 – wise
9:55 – problem
13:57 – 5 steps
19:46 – outro

My Bank Account Was Frozen // Transfer(Wise) Guide – Boracay Island | Aspire 216

If you are a business owner with people overseas working for you or just a normal person who uses wise formerly known as Transferwise to send money, then you want to make sure that the money transfer is sent on time and fast to where it is supposed to go. But what if your account suddenly gets frozen?

It’s going to be a total headache when getting stuck in Transferwise problems and more so when it happens while you are on a vacation in a paradise island such as Boracay. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, paying off the team under you is a top priority and a no payment is an absolute NO.

So instead of doing a boracay vlog featuring the picturesque nature of the place, this video shows how to use transferwise or how to use wise safely without going through the nightmare of dealing with a frozen account. It covers the 5 steps you need to remember to skip out wise and traditional bank problems.

Before diving into the solution of Transferwise frozen account, understand first what is Transferwise and how does transferwise work. According to its website, Transferwise is an international account to send money to over 60 countries around the world. An amazing thing about transferwise is its low fees as it is up to 8 times cheaper than a bank. Transferwise, now wise is also a better option when you need to send money abroad because it is cheaper and faster than its counterparts like payooner, Upwork, Paypal, or fiverr.

Transferwise is faster because, despite the four-day tranfer time, it sends out money before it receives it in its account. This is also the main reason why Tranferwise or wise is very vigilant and strict. So, when it detects problems with the ACH or your debit card, your wise account will stop working because it’s not going to send money ahead of time.

But no worries, you can avoid all of the hustle of going back and forth from Tranferwise to the bank, and moved on to doing Boracay vlog… if you are in boracay, by following all these 5 steps you are going to learn in this video. So, keep on watching until the end.
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  1. So glad this was posted – so many youtubers don't post this issue with WISE or Revolut…both firms do it for either low funds, account not being used enough or what THEY consider fraudulent activity.

  2. I am so concerned as I have not received my fund for 2 weeks, and the account was deactivated by WISE. Customer service said they cannot help as appeal team is the one to contact. Did appeal team help you to find out the problem, in this case? They said they will reply only in 20 days….

  3. I really like your Vlog. That being said. our Transferwise Balance has been stopped due to Sanctions Review for over 2 weeks now. Keep in mind that Transferwise has the right to hold on to that money for some time!

  4. Loved the real, imperfect, day-in-a-life style (beautiful place) of this video. Great job on facilitating your team to be responsible and having autonomy! 👏🏻 Thanks for tips on Tsf Wise and multiple banks 👏🏻

  5. Love the tip of creating a new task for anything that takes longer than 30 minutes. Makes so much sense. I'm definitely adding this perspective to help me do better and stress myself less around my to-do list.

    Such a beautiful Island. Thanks for showing us some scenes.

    Really sorry about the banking drama. Thank you so much for sharing and thhhaaannnkkk yooouuu for the tips! Especially the note on having at least 3 different bank accounts. I'd never really thought about it like that. Makes so much sense.

    Great to have you back!

  6. Looool! "No audio 🤔" 😅 you handled that really well. I'm taking notes 🤓📝
    "Freelancers are allowed to make decisions and mistakes… being really clear with them about their roles and responsibilities." I needed to hear this. I would paraphrase for myself, 'hire people you TRUST and TRAIN them to make decisions, allowing room for mistakes'.
    "Hire and train people who are willing to take up responsibility. "

  7. Love the tip "never starting from scratch", working off previously done templates and building off them.
    Heard someone this week mention that there is wisdom in " not fixing something if it isn't broken. A mistake we make sometimes is changing things up without any real reason to and that may end up doing more harm than good.

  8. Thank you very much for sharing your experience on your channel. This is something I have been aware of and I have not been in a position to mitigate yet. Overseas citizen YouTube channel discusses developing relationships and ensuring that you are a profitable customer. Especially for people with US banks who are located abroad.

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