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  1. I take 5% profit on every trade no matter what's going on. I'm holding a lot of crypto long but as far as day trading goes that's what I do. I have one small account that I have brought from $100 up to almost $350 in a couple months. Sounds small but winning is winning!! If I can keep on building like this I'll be good. I love the charts!

  2. Somehow my trades either break even or a loss. I use Lux Algo and other indicators like RSI, 200 day average .. and follow traders, but somehow every time I get in the strategy stops working ..I almost feel like they manipulating market when I get in just for me 😅

  3. I think it's hilarious when youtubers at the start of their videos say "it's incredibly easy to do" and then proceed to explain exactly why it's not easy. 🤣

    Having full control of your emotion, not easy. Not following the hype, not easy. Setting up rules to follow, means alot of trial and error, not easy. Trusting the advice of someone online in a world that's full of scammers, people looking for likes and course sales, not easy.

    Do I think it's do able? Yeah for those who have the time and resources to experiment. But for those who have had their fair share of troubles from taking on too much risk, and struggle to unlearn bad habits. It's defo a struggle. It ain't easy.

  4. Only thing I disagree on is the taking profits aspect. Studies show that on average traders win more trades then trades they lose. However, they lose more on there losing trades. Then they win on their winning trades. This means they are taking profits too early, as well as not setting stop losses. Saying take profits is far too vague, setting a proper risk to reward ratio where profits are taken at a let’s say two to one r risk to reward ratio, and stop out, only losing the 1. This is the specificity that needs to be taken account when we are “taking profits”

  5. Last bullrun was my first bullrun. I rode it all the way up and then all the way down……… As a great man from Texas once said " Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice………. don't fool me again. " -George Bush 😂

  6. Exciting times in the crypto world! The latest analysis reveals a bullish trend for Bitcoin in the coming week, especially intriguing following its recent weekly closing patterns. The approval of a Bitcoin ETF adds to the buzz, presenting a prime opportunity for investors to strategize and potentially capitalize on these market movements. Definitely a moment for crypto enthusiasts and investors to watch closely and make informed decisions in this ever-evolving market…managed to grow a nest egg of around 100k to a decent 532k in the space of a few months… I'm especially grateful to Linda Wilburn, whose deep expertise and traditional trading acumen have been invaluable in this challenging, ever-evolving financial landscape.

  7. What do you think about EigrnLayer and its promises? It has allready 4 billion tvl. Today is the last day for the points multiplayer and people are fomoing in through multiple smart contracts using pendle, etherfi and other… more contracts means more risk, what do you think as someone eho has experienced FTX?

  8. Dude, loved you for years.
    Learned a whole lot from you.
    Will love you for many more years to come.
    But… plsss dude… are you still working with that sleazeball of a Kyle?
    Get someone that is more like you but just knows more about trading. Kyle isnt the right fit for you or your loyal community.

  9. Everybody knew that BTC was going to drop after the ETF got approved. The rule is called "buy the rumor, sell the news." You could see how many shorts were sitting at $46K. Now we can expect a floor of $41k from here on out. Once it breaks $47k, we can expect a 20% run up. If it's rejected at $47k, we're going back to $41k. It's not that complicated.

  10. I can do the rules thing.
    What I can't be bothered to do is understanding the crypto or company.
    I don't have the interest or patience.
    I prefer to collect recommendations from multiple sources. Outsourcing the research.
    I'd rather just give someone some capital and let them deal with the BS.
    Trouble is, I have no capital and there don't seem to be systems to allow people to trade for me aside from ETFs.

    Can I give Kyle a grand and let him handle it?
    Hell, I'd let him keep half the profits on my money just so I don't have to read white papers, stare at charts and manage trades.

  11. This is really good and ironically the same conclusions I have come to especially the last tip. I used to watch as I made 30% on paper but then held on too long as it crashed. I now realize that any profit is good profit and I have a better chance at succeeding if I take small 1% profit trades more consistently and avoid the huge dives. Super good advice. You're close to 1 million subs. Congrats.

  12. Trading is way to risky unless you really know what your doing.. It's so much easier and less stressful to be a investor!!!

    If you want once in a lifetime gains look at ICP crypto it's going to revolutionize crypto and imo is like buying ETH eight years ago at $10 do the research!!

  13. Yeah i had 6k in Saitama and Shiba. They both spiked, i took profits from Shib but didnt from Saitama. That 6k got up to 20k… but i didnt sell. I had no strat, no plan only to hold it thinking it would stay high. That 12k is now $60

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