Do This If You Are New To Affiliate Marketing

If I were starting in 2024.. I would do these 10 things….

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If I were to embark on affiliate marketing in 2024, aiming to replicate my success of generating over 5 million dollars, I would implement these 10 strategies once more.

Each one of these by itself can have a dramatic effect on your affiliate marketing business.

Put all of them together and you can accelerate your learning and your affiliate commissions.

This is years of doing affiliate marketing all packed into one single video.

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00:00 Intro
00:11 Rule of ones
00:57 6 Months
01:13 Building a list
01:56 Niche
3:03 Personal Brand
03:35 Creating content
04:45 Choosing programs
05:24 Mindset
06:28 Joining communites, masterminds, and events


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  1. Dear Buildapreneur,
    I am your one of the oldest subscriber and I watch your content with full focus and dedication, because of which I am now able to run my own website . Thankyou for your guideline, stay blessed.

  2. concerning individual affiliate programs in general, it is really hard to keep track of each and individual affiliate program's earnings and traffic, contrary to affiliate Networks which are easy to track and maintain. is there any good tool or program that allows us to manage all our individual affiliate programs in a one single platform ?

  3. I like the format in this video!

    And now's the part where i say things like i know what i'm talking about. 😛

    #6 was too long
    #8 appears twice
    the different locations has sub par lighting and focus

  4. AWESOME TAKE BRO!!!I I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS. not to long ago I got over 3 billion ways to make money online and 2 billion sources of traffic…thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us.. Need to get back in track here. GRACIAS!!!!

  5. Great Video but you lost me at personal brand. I spent 18 years as a consultant and was the face of that company. It takes confidence and guts to put a face to anything. I commend anybody going that route. Me, I’m done with that. What or who would you recommend that is teaching faceless brands? Also, is blogging still the recommended approach to affiliate marketing or is there a new and exciting way to build an affiliate marketing company? Lastly, when building lists…where are they stored and organized what’s the best software?

  6. You’re a one of a kind bro. My wife and I joined the AIP after watching your video and made close to 20k while working our job. We paid off all our consumer debt and we don’t have to work 50+hours per week anymore. I work 3-12 hour shifts and I’m off 4 days in a row. True financial freedom came to us even while we still have a job because our most valuable asset is back and that’s time to do whatever we want whenever we want. (Except Friday Saturday and Sunday 😂) She has now quit her job and focuses on growing her brand on YouTube and Instagram. She’s now over 23k subs on YouTube and almost 5k on insta. We’re trying everything we can to both go full time. I love talking about this stuff and have got to make a channel myself soon but I sound like cornbread so it’s a little nerve wrecking haha. Thanks for being honest man. We appreciate your content more than you know. Have a good day! Jeremiah 29:11!

  7. i watch a lot of affiliate marketers advice videos. But for some reason i like and trust you. You look and sound authentic. I started affiliate marketing for almost a year now with no sale. 😢. Maybe i am not working hard while dealing With life's challenges. But one thing for sure I will always watch your videos and take your advice. greetings from Detroit, Michigan.

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