Russia Just Crashed the Market

Crypto crash. Why is crypto down? Russia Ukraine.
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If you’re looking at your portfolio and wondering what in the world happened last night.. We have a lot to catch up on… and considerations to make with your portfolio so you can profit safely.

Early this morning, Vladimir Putin said Russia did not plan to invade Ukraine, asking his military to halt.

This turned out to be an obvious diversion as only moments later explosions could be heard and a full-scale invasion of Ukraine began..

So what’s going to happen next? What will this do to investments like stocks and crypto? And is there anything we can do to invest and protect ourselves?

Let’s cover this and a whole lot more.

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  1. Amazing video, A friend of mine referred me to a financial adviser sometime ago and we got talking about investment and money. I started investing with $120k and in the first 2 months , my portfolio was reading $274,800. Crazy right!, I decided to reinvest my profit and gets more interesting. For over a year we have been working together making consistent profit just bought my second home 2 weeks ago and care for my family.

  2. Kucoin is not letting people into their accounts and buying time… they are terrible SCAMMERS.

    I got the advise to use them from this channel.

    Please dont us them – check their TrustPilot reviews, on average they have 1.7 stars.

  3. Are you always this far behind?
    The market was on a decline for a few months. Nothing "just" collapsed the market.
    This is normal part of investments.
    I love these ups and downs. Its where the most profit is to be made.
    Why do you keep…Ahhhh….I see….Good job…Keep scaring people into selling low so you can buy the dips.

  4. If i lost from 20k$ investment to 7k $ on crypto gaming coins like PYR,THG,FINA,MBS should i sell them now with this big LOSS and buy something like Luna,BTC,ETH for long term or should i let them to grow back up so that i can recover my investment. I need any opinion please

  5. Investing in bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this, because it has made a lot of people millionaire. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  6. Hey my brother, is peace inu crap or not? I have $275 in blockfi and when I get my taxes I'm taking your course. Trying to start an audio channel on High Fidelity and Spl with a heap of Crypto content occasionally.

  7. Hi Max love the videos what do you think is the best way to make 15 $ a day? I've been looking into day trading do you think its a step in the right direction or is there a better way for people with low budget?

  8. I will recommend to place restrictions for Russian people to buy Bitcoin, that way we don't have a FULL BAN from US and EU forever for adoption of Bitcoin, they will consider it dirty money.

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