The Hacking Group That Governments Are Scared Of…

The Lazarus Group. North Korean Hackers. Hacking.
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When you hear the phrase “The world’s most successful bank robbers”, what are the first images that come to mind? You probably picture something like DeNiro and his crew in HEAT, right?

Guys in masks, with big guns, storming in, taking hostages, and doing the whole thing that bank robbers DO, which is, well…. rob banks. However, the group that US security officials have called the most successful bank robbers in the world… they aren’t like that at all.

They’re a new kind of bank robber, and they represent an entirely different crime. We’re talking about THE LAZARUS GROUP, a North Korean hacker collective that has grown exponentially over the past decade.

Even if you don’t know the name, you’re probably familiar with some of their work. They aren’t just robbing banks. They’re robbing a whole lot more. And whether you know it or not, YOU are being affected by their actions. Let’s start from the beginning.

The Lazarus Group
North Korea
World’s Best Hackers

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  1. This is clearly just the misleading tip of the iceberg. Who controls China? According to leaked CIA documents, they were involved in both sides of the Chinese civil war, they installed Mao as dictator, and they control the Kim Jong regime. Meanwhile in the West, people believe they are free, but if you are a math expert you arent pushed to a job that is going to help humanity. Genius level scientists solved climate change by seeding iron in the oceans, and they were fined and shut down, while we still spend trillions of tax dollars on "solving climate change". While they may be slaves, we are willing Nationalist Socialist Worker Party supporters. Even in Florida you have pure fascism, dictatorial decrees are used to decide which major companies get taxpayer money or not, see Disney.

    The nuke program is also a clear false flag. High level military has long known that nuclear weapons have been defacto inactive for decades. Only this year have they publicly announced that UFOs have shut down silos before, but on good authority some of us understand that the entire network was taken over because of its unknown damage at the soul level, your "akasiic record" as its know could be literally erased, and billions of years of memories would disappear forever. Illuminated groups like the illuminati and masons are well aware of these records, but have no idea the impact nuclear explosions have on them. We all say if god is real why does he allow so much suffering, the answer is simply that death isnt real, people arent dying, they are struggling, or learning. Nuclear weapons are different, and once the first event was realized, history wrote itself. We saw ufos going everywhere, countless tests had them around, and before a nuclear war could, and wouldve been launched, they had already gained complete control of them.

    That is important to know because high level officials in Russia and the US know this. When you understand this you see that it's obvious this Ukraine conflict is all trying to make Russia look like a nuclear threat. The US has been pushing there for decades because they have wanted to force Russia to reassure its population with nuclear force. That allows the US propaganda machine to pump even harder, because fake news believers would believe that Russia would nuke everyone to take Ukraine ala Hitler, while nobody was told about the school bombing from official Ukraine Forces as the "rebels" would have armed Ukrainians protecting their schools which illegally taught Russian.

    So the issue you need to realize sir, is how you talk about propaganda as if it's this NK China thing, and you couldnt be more wrong. The American government has been ahead of the propaganda game since WW2, these are the guys who convinced the world that Saddam, a beloved leader who most of his country loved, ordered troops to take babies out of incubators and leave them on the floor. To act like your country doesn't cause the deaths of countless innocent people to grab power, including by using propaganda, then you are just a sheep and servant of an evil master. You are literally responsible for the children dying in Ukraine, the ones who died years before you all gave a damn.

  2. sad to see you fall for and spread the typicall US fud about north corea. Do your self a favour, Max, and get a fresh up in history and geo politics. Just a hint: do not use US only sources. Try some books by Daniele Ganser (Swiss historian and peace researcher) or by Noam Chomsky (US linguist and philosopher)

  3. I was in Philippines, i was repairing units in manila.there was up to 12 asians per room and would military type movements and go into white busses then go to the banks and the casinos and this was daily. I CONTACTED THE THE AUSTRALIAN. FERDRAL POLICE.
    They were a buch of men and wonan nerd who would not make eye contact or talk. I knew something was up.

  4. Dude….. you said "nuc-u-lar" multiple times. people make fun of people who say it that way… (At least most who work in the nuclear industry do!) BTW – awesome video, great content. I have learned a lot from your channel.

  5. A thought just struck me … what if Bitcoin was created by the Lazarus group and they're holding the keys to the Satoshi Nakamoto wallet that has 1 million BTC which is ~$20 billion…. just imagine what they could do with that.

  6. I think it is more realistic that if you overachieve at math in a western country, your teacher will ask you why you aren't putting as much effort into your other subjects. You seem so smart, but obviously you can't manage your time… :/

  7. theirs a great podcast on the lazurus group and their attacks on castbox for anyone keen to hear more indepth storeys of their hacks. highly reccomend! great content max! people need to know these things!

  8. I need a hackers help. There is a guy calling me claiming to be from my cable company. As soon as I tell him I'm not interested in his services he starts saying dirty things like suck my d***. He is calling my business number, interrupting my day

  9. It’s really disturbing to grow up and realize that all these countries are just playing this big chess game with one another. As a human being on planet earth I would like to say I do not support any of this. Censoring of information, division of land and countries, and enslavement of people whether it’s in North Korea or any other country. It’s all a bunch of hooplah. We can never advance as a species while we are all so concerned about our own specific countries and furthermore races. It’s a painful world we live in

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