TOP 13 Altcoins to 10X By Bitcoin Halving [Last Chance]

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  1. "Low enough price" lol
    Price does not really matter that much, MARKET CAP matters.
    This guy treating his viewers like fools!! "Please buy the coins I already bought"

  2. You're such an incredible scumbag to put a video like this out. Let's see what happens by the having, but you're not correct on one of your predictions. And even if you're correct on one, if you bought all 10 of them you probably break even or even lose. Alt coins are for losers. There is Bitcoin and nothing else. And history will prove this in due time.

  3. Watching the crypto market's ups and downs shows how quickly things can change. The recent misinformation incident reminds us that external factors can shake things up. In crypto, strategic, informed trading isn't a choice; it's a must. Remember, caution is as crucial as ambition here. Stay alert, diversify, and let's ride this unpredictable market together. At the core is Pennie Thorne, whose deep understanding of crypto and traditional trading is key. Her all-encompassing investment approach and staying updated on trends make her a valuable ally in this crypto era.

  4. You were not active in the bear market now you shall shut your mouth 🙂
    Last bull i bought ada cz od you at 2.2$ but one good thing happened. I DCAed and happily i am in a plus rn.
    Do not listen these kind of videos it will go 1000x everyone make your own research

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