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2021 was one hell (bleep) off a year. From doggy coins passing massive companies in value, to fart NFTs, Senators beating hedge funds, and the Metaverse going mainstream. We got to really see it all, and today we’re going to be traveling back in time to talk about all of the fun in 2021…

Starting out with the story we all know and love, and exactly what you expected me to start with, the Gamestop fiasco.

In probably one of the most entertaining battles we’ve ever seen, the ape investors of wallstreetbets, went to war with the greedy hedge funds suits.
All over a company that offers you $3 and a bag of Doritos for a game you bought last week.

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  1. Invest in a secure platform and broker where you will not lose your funds. I'm new to trading, but i met Mr. Steven Kurt here on YouTube where he teaches people to trade forex and stocks. which he guides me with a super platform and amazing strategy. I thought it was a scam, but finally I cashed my first $20,000 profit last week, he is very reliable and honest,he always tells me the actual time for buying and selling with 100 profit from his one-on-one master training….Stay bless

  2. I bought Miners just for the reflections but then I realized what an amazing project they are building. The new rebranded Miners Defi looks sick, officially launching today. I have a feeling the only way this can go is up even with the market being in the dumps.

  3. "PERMIT ME TO ISSUE AND CONTROLE THE MONEY OF A NATION AND I CARE NOT WHO MAKES ITS LAWS" : Mayer Amschel Rothschild. That's why western politics has turned into a manipulated sensationalized reality show intended to occupy the masses !!! Meanwhile….. Decentralized crypto has basically become the very dangerous quicksand to their fiat monetary system of control … THEY ABSOLUTLY CAN NOT CONTROLE IT !!! Its impossible, and it cant be turned off, although China is trying. So how to maintain power in a decentralized monetary crypto world??? Simple OWEN ALL THE LAND and revert to a serfdom system like before. (you will own nothing and you'll be happy) The race is on and its still undecided… heads up folks this is uncharted territory.

  4. Hey Max, I know it's a little bit off topic but I would like to know how do you do reverse image search? What's you method? I tried few from google, but it seems that they are not working as expected and I saw you few times doing it in your clips.

  5. Nice video and great work, Honestly the right information is what we need to succeed. I believe the benefits of a successful trade comes from an expert and that is why i make huge profit with the help of Mrs Hailey Madison.

  6. Max is honestly the best financial content creator on YouTube in my opinion.

    He's to the point, direct, well spoken, insanely intelligent, no hidden agenda whatsoever (or if he does, he makes you aware of it), and honestly some of the deepest and most well researched due diligence I've ever seen in video format.

    And now.. he's funny too. Those SpongeBob clips almost made me spit coffee. Grade A+ content.

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