Create Your Online Course Template – Swipe My Proven Process For Creating Great Online Courses!

How to create online courses that your students will LOVE! Get my entire process and free course template in this video!

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Why do “gurus” like russell brunson, frank kern, pat flynn all sell online courses?

Because the margins are GREAT.

How do you create and sell your own online courses?

This video reveals my exact framework for creating online courses, fast.

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this video is all about creating your online course. Specifically, you’re going to learn my process that I’ve used to create over a dozen online courses. It’s going to help you organize your thoughts, organize your curriculum, and really get your course created very quickly. We’re going to jump on the computer and you’re going to follow along while I go through this process. At the end, I’m going to share a solution, a location. You can go actually launch your courses online for free. You can put up to three different courses up on there and you can start selling them and earning income before ever having to invest in the technology or any specific software, which is great. And before we get in, I just want to cover the prerequisite to launching an online course. And the theory is that you already know exactly how to help other people get a very specific result.

Now, what does this result Moz? What your course is about, right? It can be anything. It could be how to podcast, it could be how to quilt. It can be how to knitting. It can be how to build a shed. It could be how to hit a golf drive, 200 yards. There’s a lot of different things that you could be teaching people. How do you know what to teach them? Well, number one, you should already have been able to create this result for yourself. And number two, you should have already worked with individuals one on one coaching, whatever type sessions you do to help other people get this result. The key here is that you actually can help people get a result. That’s when you’re ready to lay out an online course. That’s when you’re ready to scale your kind of online business. So make sure you honor the fact that you need to be able to actually help people get results.

With that said, let’s jump on the whiteboard here on my computer and let’s map this all out. So I use what’s called a three by three matrix, which essentially in its kind of simplest form is just a tic tac toe box to be honest, and you can modify from this. This is the starting point. You don’t have to follow this exactly. If yours has four phases, that’s okay. If you have five lessons and one of them, that’s okay. But generally down the left side we have the different phases and then up here we have the different modules k. So we would have phase one, phase two, phase three and then we would have modules one, two and three but it works to where you got modules one, two, three on phase one after phase one there ready for phase two so it goes module four, module five, module six.

After that they hit phase three which is module seven eight, nine. Now this is totally abstract. I get it. I have a real example we’re going to be working through here, but you need to understand this philosophy first, that you’re helping people go through a series of phases and in each of those phases there’s different modules and these are the milestones. So this is the prerequisite to part two and part two is a prerequisite to part three. And you’ve got to have phase one done before you can start phase two, which you go to number four, and so on and so forth. Is this making sense? Let me go ahead and clear the screen here so we can jump into an actual real world example. A, because I want you to see how this is gonna work in a real world example. So starting a social media marketing agency is what I’m gonna use as the example here.


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  1. Thank you for the video. Would you share which software you used for the screen sharing, which online whiteboard is that one, and which pen/tablet? Sorry my ignorance regarding the topic. I would like to teach my topics through Youtube and looking for the tools. Thank you.

  2. Why is yr Thumbnail sooo juvenile do you not realise adults are on this version of Youtube OMG grow up with all the childish facial pathetic expressions Jesus Christ give me strength.

  3. Thank you for the content! Could you explain how you do the video lesson like this one.. Like how you draw (tool used).. Recording talking head ( like do you use a slr or Webcam) and 3) have you recorded this vid via Camtasia or something else?
    Pls reply.

  4. I LOVE this miles. I have an after school reading program and leadership development program for middle school students. I want to teach these online as if I was in class, but to anyone not just my students 🌟

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. Such an excellent way of organising, I've been struggling with this. Also I love the fireplace in the background 😍

  6. Just found your channel! Love the content and just subbed. I am at the very beginning of getting all the framework ready for my first course. I am super excited to share what I know and help some people along the way 🙂 Keep the great content coming

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