Start a $200 A DAY BLOG in this SIMPLE NICHE (2020)

Learn how to start a PROFITABLE blog in 2020. In this “best blogging niches” series I show you a new blogging niche every week. This week, we’re looking into one of the profitable niche website ideas. Start a blog in this niche for easy traffic and great earnings.

Hey guys, I’m super excited to bring you a brand new blog niche idea this week.

This is one of the best niches to start a website in, and one of my favorites. It’s quite easy to bring in the traffic, and this niche is also quite easy to monetize.

And, the potential traffic in this niche is nearly unlimited, because there are so so many sub topics to cover.

As always, I’ve done all research for you: keywords, where to get content, how to structure it – the lot!

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So, this week’s blog niche idea is a travel website.

Personally, I have a blog in the travel niche, it’s called TravelCroc. I started this blog in 2017, and have done pretty much nothing with it over the last couple of years.

Still, the content that I put on the blog in 2017 is still bringing me traffic every single day, around 100-200 visitors a day, and it makes me regular money.

And the reason why it’s bringing me the traffic is because the travel niche is just so easy to get into.

It’s absoteluly one of the best niches out there, and it’s also one of the most profitable niches as well.

So if you’re looking to start a blog in 2020, then I recommend that you consider starting a travel-related blog.

There are lots of easy keywords. There are lots of topics and subtopics to cover. And you can get free images to use in your content.

I know from my experience that Adsense pays quite well in the travel niche. I also show you in the video that if you switch over to MediaVine, you might be able to get RPM as high as $25 – that’s how much one of the websites in the travel niche currently makes.

I show how to do all of that in the video, step by step.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Greg Kononenko (The Caffeinated Blogger)

Disclaimer: Some links in my videos are affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you buy something via that link. This helps me maintain this channel and buy coffee 🙂 The price to you is the same as if you buy direct.


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  1. Thank you!

    I came to see if these type of niche sites were worthwhile and I actually learned way more!

    Specially how to analyze keywords not just by the numbers but also by the competition in the actual Google results.

    I'll try to achieve the same type of analysis with ubersuggest, which is the one I can afford at the moment.

  2. Hi Bro . I have Serious Question to Ask from You….as a i am in age 29 jobless orphan hahha….i need something to make my pocket warm … to build a website ….like for example travel ….how much money will cost per month ….website or blog in wordpress plus…domain cost and other cost ….per month….so i wanna see how can i come with that …..

  3. I have a one question. If we don't make niche website i mean if we put more category in to our website. Can we earn 200$ per month again. (Note : more category but focusing on just one category example : 200 post but 180 from technology 5 from life 5 from other 10 from other etc.)

  4. Hey Greg! Very useful content as always! 🙂

    I have a very serious question for you: As I can see, you're using Ahrefs for finding interesting keywords and make your posts in your blog. I have also searched many other alternatives to this fine site but the paid services are very expensive for a guy like me that has no money to use them! I totally understand that I have put some money on this to make it work, but $99/month for the lite version of these sites are serious money for my pocket. Do you have something alternative for free but with fewer tools to start with it? I need something inexpensive to start my blog and when I have some serious money in my pocket from my blog, then I will move to a paid service. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for your detailed videos! How many posts do you think a site needs before it starts ranking? I tried making some post for low competition keyword but they didn't rank..could it be because I only have a few posts?

  6. Haha,😂 I was thinking about this and checked some keywords with Google keywords last week , do you recommend investing in ahref for a beginner. Thnx👍

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