18 Content Types to Dominate Content Marketing – Module 2 – Lesson 1 – Content Marketing Unlocked

Today we’re going to be covering the different types of content, that you find online and how you can leverage them, to get more traffic and sales.

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So today, I want to to take the time to go over all the different types of content that you can create, to generate more traffic on your website.

The first one that you’re seeing before, but you didn’t really think is, as of content is tools. If you look at NeilPatel.com, I have Ubersuggest the tool, it drives a lot more traffic, than text-based content. I also have interactive content, interactive tools within my content. And what I mean by that is, within, let’s say the NeilPatel.com website, I may have articles on starting your blog.

Another one is the SEO Analyzer on NeilPatel.com, it ends up showing you all your site audit errors, and if you haven’t used it, check that out, go look at the SEO Analyzer, and put in your URL.

I also you even have an A/B Testing Calculator, which tells you, is a test significant when you’re running an A/B test using Optimizer or Crazy Egg, or VWO. There’s also Infographics with one of my older companies.

Another piece of content that I really love is instructional guides. So not just guides, you’ve heard the, the ultimate guides or the step-by-step guide. When I mean instructional guides, I’m talking about guides that are thorough and detailed, but they allow people to understand what to do step-by-step. That’s what I mean by instructional guides.

You can also do case studies, market data, field reports, I’ve done a lot of blog posts using data.

Videos, you’ve seen them all around the web, they’re becoming extremely popular, YouTube is extremely popular website, they say it’s worth over a hundred billion dollars, and it’s massive. So make sure you go out there and consider creating video.

You can also do podcasts as well. Sometimes my co-host Eric, Sue and I, have marketing school, which is our podcast, if you haven’t checked it out and make sure you do. Sometimes we’ll do a recording our podcast episodes, but we’ll also go live, and record the video of us recording the podcast, and we’ll even take questions from a live audience and answer them as well.

Then there’s webinars, if you want to check out one of my webinars, go to NeilPatel.com/master-class, and you’ll see one of my webinars, so that’s an example of a webinar, it’s great to build engagement, it’s great to sell from, and people will give you instant feedback and they’ll be on there for 20, 30 minutes, sometimes even an hour, depending on how long your webinar is.

You can also take a hybrid approach, sometimes with a lot of my blog-based content, you’ll see me embedding videos or audio files or animated infographics, and it’s because I’m taking a hybrid approach. I don’t do this because I want more traffic, and well, technically I want more traffic, but that’s not the purpose of me doing that.

Then there’s eBooks and white papers, these are great, especially if you’re trying to generate leads, this is more effective in B2B than B2C, from what I’ve seen, but it’s also great as well, and a lot of times you can do it saying, put in your company information if you want this eBook or white paper.

Then there’s eCourses or digital classes, you see them on Udemy and sites like that. Here’s the example right now, what you’re listening to and watching. This is example of a digital class, or a online course. And you can find more of these at NeilPatel.com/training. It works well, builds a bond, great branding and people love education.

Then of course there’s live videos. So there’s Instagram live, Facebook has live, Twitter does, LinkedIn does, all those big social networks too, it’s a great way to build a connection with the audience because you can answer questions, bring them on live as well and generate sales from that too.

There’s guest posting, I don’t do guest posting much anymore, I used to do a lot more of this like four years ago, but why not get your content featured everywhere, because some of these sites like Entrepreneur and New York Times, already have a lot of traffic.

So that way when you’re creating content, you’ll know what type you’re creating, the goals, the objectives, and how you can end up generating more traffic from these content types.

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  1. Hi Neil. It is really great what you are doing for us. Thank You. I have a question about embedding videos like YouTube. It is really slowing down the page speed. How important is it for SEO? What is the best solution for this? Regards 🙂

  2. I don't have a job right now and I don't want to make other organisations successful I want to use my Hard work to make my business so, is blogging good for starting a business?

  3. Sir, it's not easy to write Blog posts everyday and after that building backlinks, social media postings, is not possible to do everyday.

    So, how to manage to write Blog posts?

  4. Hello I have build my blog on blogger because I have no money and I have blogspot domain.
    Will you please tell me that could I make money with blogger by getting traffic through SEO .

  5. Hello I have build my blog on blogger because I have no money and I have blogspot domain.
    Will you please tell me that could I make money with blogger by getting traffic through SEO .

  6. Hey neil 🙂 have a query i am going to start a niche website but i am confused ro start . My question is if a keyword with less than 10 Keyword difficultly with high search volume but google result shows 5-10 related articles for this keyword. And second case is if the keyword with zero compitition mean google result shows 1-2 similar article related to that keyword but in this case monthly searches are less than 50. can you tell me which case is ideal to write my first 50 articles. please reply i am really confused.

  7. Neil, would it be possible to hire you personally for help with marketing?

    I have a big offer for you if you be interested in hearing what I have to say.

    Hope we can work something out.

    Thanks so much!

  8. Hey Neil,
    I am confused !!!
    I want to upload vidoes on Instagram. There are 2 options:
    1. Normal Video
    2. Igtv
    If I am uploading igtv video then we can also show its preview to our Instagram.
    So is this better than uploading normal videos on Instagram.
    Please tell !!!

  9. I want to thank you so much,
    I've learned and are learning a lot from your seo unlock
    I live in West Bengal.
    Sir, I would be very grateful if you could suggest me a book for seo related

  10. Hey neil i have question. When i research keyword on Google keyword planner in usa region it shows keyword difficulty 25 but when i add two more regions like UK & Australia the keyword difficulty goes down to 10. Can you suggest me should I research in one region or more ? My website is brand new

  11. hey neil I just set up my own marketing agency and I'm facing problem with what should i post (content) on instagram and other platforms ?
    thank you…

  12. You really confused instructional guides with step-by-step guides. They are one and the same thing, the only way you can differ the two is by "design". Instructionals have the history of printed manuals that come with physical products, so the print design philosophy applies to the instructional guides more than the step-wise guides. From the structural and layout standpoint – they both are the same 🙂

  13. Hey neil,

    On your tool ubersuggest, after performance a site audit, it shows a list of pages with duplicate meta descriptions and low word count.

    But that pages are tags and category urls.

    How can i fix this issue?

  14. Hey Neil, Let say there's an ecommerce store selling engagement rings, diamond rings etc. Where do you think these products' potential buyers hang?
    Also, is there a way to find people who are just getting engaged?

    Anyway, Thanks a lot 😊!

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