How to Grow Your SEO Traffic by Updating Your Old Content

You write all this amazing content, and after putting in months and months of hard work, you start getting rankings, but then you fast forward a year. A year later, what happens? Your traffic starts going down. Today I’m going to teach you how to grow your SEO traffic by updating your old content.


With all the content out there, Google is going to rank the content that doesn’t just have the most links or the best on-page SEO. More importantly, they’re going to rank the content that has the best user experience. And usually that means that’s the content that is fresh, up to date and the most relevant. With one of my earlier websites, Nutritionsecrets I no longer own it. I was able to build up literally over 100,000 visitors a month.

And the main strategy that I use wasn’t just cranking out new content, it was continually updating and expanding my old articles to get them more and more traffic.

So how do you go and update your old content and figure out which pieces to update? Which ones not to update? And heck how do you know what parts to update and how it works? Do you just add a sentence? Do you add in paragraphs? Do you add in more images, videos? Well, I’m going to walk you through that right now step-by-step.

The first thing I want you to do is to log into Google Search Console. And when you log in, you go to your website, I want you to click that on the pages link. You’ll see that, right? It’s already highlighted here under or right next to the queries.

The next thing I want you to do is adjust your date range. And you’re already on the pages section of Google Search Console, and I want you to sort by the last 28 days over the previous year. And when you do that, it’ll show you the articles that were the most popular to least popular in the previous year.

Now, going through that list, what you want to do is look for the posts that have lost traffic.

So there’s quite a few terms that I was getting more traffic from. So what you’ll want to do is start Googling those terms to see who’s ranking above you.

So let’s Google schema markup. As you can see, there’s an article by Moz, there’s an article by Search Engine Journal, then there’s And what you’ll want to do is click on each of those articles and analyze them and say, “Huh, what did they have that I don’t? What is making their article better than mine?” And you want to take that information for all the sites that rank above you, and then you’re going to want to modify your content. And you do this by making yours better than there’s.

You also want to delete anything that’s irrelevant. If something doesn’t make sense anymore, delete it.

When you update the article, I want you to also update the publish by date, so searching engines know it’s updated. And don’t just think about word count, think about user experience. You need to do what’s best for the user and not obsess or worry about word count.

And lastly, I recommend that you don’t change your URL. If you want to change your URL, that’s fine but just 301 redirect the old URL to the new one. And once you update it, go back into Search Console, type in your URL in the search bar at the top, it’ll start fetching the page and then boom, request it for indexing, and then you’re off into the races and within 30 days you should start seeing increase in SEO traffic to that page. It literally is that simple.

Now, if you need help updating your old content, you can check out my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital or go to Or if you have any questions and you want to do it yourself, that’s great as well, leave a comment below, we’ll answer it, I’ll help you out, and I’ll try to do my best to grow your SEO traffic as well.

If you enjoyed this video, like it, share it tell other people about it. And again, if you have any questions just leave a comment below and I’ll answer and help you out. Thank you for your time.

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  1. Through this method, my impressions were going up, my website position improved from 44 to 39 but now they are going down gradually even though I keep updating the content. I have very low traffic so I was keeping the impression as the yardstick for growth. My website average position was 39 a month back and now it is 43. There is no manual penalty. Could you suggest to me something, please?

  2. Okay I'm stuck! I wanna update my old blog's internal linkings. But they are ranking well, I just realised I put the links that redirect to home page rather than actual blogs. So if I change it and submit it to search console, will it drop down the good rank of my blog? Will it affect the rank of that blog negatively which I update? Please help!

  3. Hi Neil , your videos are so helpful for people out there like me who wants to start a new blog .is starting a free blog in blogspot is good and profitable ? Because initial cost of buying domain is not more affordable for me .

  4. As someone running an affiliate website, while hunting for keywords, when searching for a particular keyword manually and amazon and appears on the first position or the first page, is that a good keyword to go for? can one outrank amazon, and if that is possible, how?

  5. Have a 10 year old blog, have updated old content to new-thanks. Used your tips to speed up site for SEO; also paid for blog audit. However, audit showed ad partner's ads are what's causing site speed slow downs – sped up site, but revenue tanked so placed the ads back, back where I started. How do I continue making progress growing SEO?

  6. Does updating the date the article was published make any difference (to the user yes, obviously…they want new content) but for ranking higher in search results? Keep up the great work Neil!

  7. 1. The URL structure of the listings on my classified website is like this.
    mysitecom/properties/houses-for-sale/house-for-sale-in-Jafna_i331 If I change the last underscore ( _i331) to hyphen' will it affect SEO?

    2.Does item id's on URL will affect SEO?

    3. What is 301 redirect and how to do?

  8. In beginning I started writing on my website under different niche like business, sports, entertainment. Later I restricted myself to only entertainment. So should I need to delete my earlier contents in business or sports? Should I need to update content in these (business or sports) in which I am no longer writing?

  9. Hello Neil. Very valuable content. Reupdating old stuffs is a good idea. Adding something new to the old ones maybe it be updates, new technology keeps the people engaged in it. Please suggest some Old stuffs that would be trending in 2021 so that I can work on it as we all know "Old Is Gold."

  10. I really made it right with cyberspin in telegram…. I earned about 6btc from cyberspin …. Thanks so much sir….. Contact him on telegram cyberspin 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. How much your company charges?
    Do your company handle small business with overall turnover below 50 lakh?.
    How we can associate as yoor company charges high and our business is small

  12. Besides updating old content in order to increase traffic, does Google also take note that the page has been updated and give the page a higher 'vote' than it was previously?

  13. Thanks for the tips. Do you have any recommendations and tips for the photographers and painters. We do not have that many articles, but images. What's the strategy that we can use to grow SEO traffic. Thank you!

  14. This would all be a futile waste of time, unfortunately. Because Google does not allow you to request indexing of the updated URL. I’m surprised Neil suggested that we request it, as surely being an SEO expert he would be aware Google no longer allows it?

  15. Very Good Information Sir. But Google has Disabled request for Indexing feature at present due to technical updates sir. Can you make a video on this topic or what should SEO Professionals do for Indexing Single page sir. ( Because every time updation of XML Sitemap is not possible sir). Can you throw some light on this topic Sir. Many Thanks Sir.

  16. This is very good explanation of a proven and solid method to find where your content is slipping. Tip: If you limit Google Search Console Search Results to one metric, say only Total Clicks, then it will let you sort on the difference between the comparison date ranges.

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