Top 7 Information Products To Grow Your Info-Business Fast!

Information products offer some of the highest margins and best profitability, online. Learn what the seven best info products are so you can grow your information business fast.

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If you are confused about these types of products or if you don’t know what and info product is, you will understand in greater detail here, today… Or you can check out my deep-dive blog post on this topic here:

Whether you realize it or not you have been consuming information-based products for many years starting with school and more recently through self education online.

The big key from this video is how these different products are able to work together like Lego blocks to create a successful information publishing business.

This is the big key and often times it takes testing multiple types of products to find the ones that are most fun and engaging for you to create and have the highest conversion rates proving your audience is interested.

Your goal should always be to help your audience transform their life and to solve their problems. Depending on the problems you solve and the transformation you offer, different media are better for different scenarios.

Also keep in mind, once you have created a product in a specific format you can always repurpose that content into multiple different formats helping you build a library of information based products you can offer.

if you are wondering how you can sell information products, my channel is full of videos that cover the basics of sales funnels, choosing a niche, content marketing, email marketing and Facebook ads.

Specifically I believe it is most important for you to understand the ATM strategy if you are selling information online. You can watch my ATM strategy video here:

This video talks about the overall information business growth strategy as we go through the different components required on a whiteboard together. This will give you the big picture understanding that you need.

For specific examples that go another step deeper into a real world example I highly recommend you watch this video:

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  1. Thanks Miles, great content, where useful, I took notes and will implement them. You put it very efficiently together. I did or do some of those, but there is still a large space to grow.

  2. Hi miles love your content and at present, I am just adding a section to my blog for great marketers to follow, I would be overjoyed if you could look at the piece I wrote about you just to check I have got everything right.
    On my 90 day journey and loving it

  3. Excellent content as always! I placed this next question in the comments in a previous video of yours ("Affiliate Marketing in 2021 Step-by-Step Beginners Guide") but I know that video is a little old and kinda hard for you to catch so I'm copy/pasting the question here under this video, hope I'm not breaking any rules somehow, if I am then please accept my apologies and just delete it. Your content is just so full of knowledge. Here is the question: Hello Miles, I absolutely love your videos man. I have a question, I hope it's not too much trouble. I live in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. I'm fluent in English. I'm interested in following your affiliate marketing guide but I'm a total newbie. I have so many questions, for instance the content that I will write, is it just going to be placed (by Google) locally to my surrounding neighborhoods. Because down here the majority of the people read/write in Spanish. If I write a blog on "The Best Chef Knives" is that only going to be shown to people that type that exact phrase in Google in Tijuana? Does the content have to fit my surrounding environment? Thanks so much in advance!

    Edit to add: I made it to the end on the first sitting… simply put; excellent content!!

  4. I created a micro website to sell 12 templates related to my previous job as an engineer, I ranked 12 pages with very little content on position 1-2 for the keyword of each page and its synonyms two years ago, and they are still on same same place. I only login once a month to update WP and the plugins, and I rarely get support requests.

  5. Hey Miles, I would be super interested in how you learned to speak so well in front of the camera.

    How do you script your videos? How do you come up with good stories to illustrate your points? how did you learn to structure a speech? Are there any resources you would recommend?

    I'm so impressed by how you seem to pull off these videos in a single take.

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