The 5 Step Process For Making Millions Of Dollars Selling Courses Online Revealed!

This video reveals how to make money online by selling online courses. The information marketing business, or info-business can be extremely lucrative when done right, but you MUST understand the process to creating a truly successful business online.

Step 1 – Create A Result Yourself – 0:15
Step 2 – Create A Result For 1 Other Person – 1:47
Step 3 – Create A Valuable Result For 20 – 100+ People – 3:16
Step 4 – Create A Valuable Result For Small Groups – 5:35
Step 5 – Scale Your Process – 7:55
Recap of the full process – 8:51

To build a successful information marketing business you need to not only understand how to sell courses online, but you must be able to deliver transformational results for your audience.

This is the ultimate key to success in order to make money online.

If you’d like another look at how to make money online, watch this video to understand the process in a new light:

I show you how online businesses work as if they are board games so you can truly understand the process through a fun and simple analogy.


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  1. Hi Miles …i really appreciate you have great capacity to share your knowledge and skills…i just got my first client they have a website but its all through free wordpress plugins …very slow and needs to be changed totally …she only gets business through reference .her website n youtubechannel has no visitors…plz advise how to price my services fairly for website development and seo ,blog and video and publishing podcast and website maintenance.i have heard from some professionals that ppl like myself with a few months experience should charge less…plz give an idea how less should i charge if that's true? I value your advice and guidance!!!

  2. Great video as always Mile😀.
    One question, if I'm doing a local SEO for my client in a truck delivery service, which hardly has any keywords and search volume related to it except people searching for the delivery price and area of coverage, what kind of informational content or blog post can I go after? Do I have to ultimately use pbn to rank the site. The site is just 2 weeks old. Thank you

  3. You're amazing Miles! I looovvvee how you're able to break topics down into simple terms and provide a clear path to understand and follow 😀
    Super powerful and helps me take a step back and clarify and simplify all my thoughts and plans. You're a true inspiration!!!

  4. 100% agree Miles, it carries a lot of similarities to the agency model. You can memorize all the sale scripts in the world from a tai lopez course etc. but if you've never achieved the transformation for yourself or for others, you won't have the confidence to sell the service to them.

    A course is the same, and people are getting better at telling when you've just recycled information. This course model is a great way to productize more and more until your offer is ready to be in a course. Makes total sense, and will impact the way I plan out my own transitional path! Thanks again.

  5. That transformation part is key. I've done the work in individual and very small groups but scaling requires more input on the front end. My main business is tutoring and test prep. It's easy to write problems but typing them up in software is a bugaboo. Having said that, I'm thinking that my modules will be video based but still contain files to reinforce content which leads to the transformation.

    Thanks again for providing another framework for future success.

  6. As usual, another knowledge bomb dropped by Miles…loved your point about no, don't just create a course and wing it, prove you know what you're doing first…great lesson Sir!

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