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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to create Google dynamic search ads.

This is an ad format that gives power to Google to decide what keywords, headlines, and website URL is most likely to convert in your case.

The only thing that you control with this ad format are the descriptions and the URL’s that you feed to Google to decide which exact part of the website will be most likely to convert.

Before getting started, it’s important to note that in order to create these dynamic search ads, you need to create a specific ad group that *allows* these dynamic search ads.

Meaning if you already have a regular campaign/ad group right now where you didn’t enable dynamic search ads, you can’t create these ads in that ad group – you need to create a whole new campaign and enable that feature.

This is where this video comes in as I’m going to teach you how to enable this feature and create these ads.

Starting off with our main Google dashboard, the first thing we have to do is create a new campaign.

You would go through all the same regular motions of filling in the campaign name, filling in budget and bid, selecting countries, and so on… but you would also have to click on the “show additional options” below the campaign name and then add your root URL to the dynamic search ads option. This will *enable* you to create dynamic search ad ad groups for this campaign.

Now when you fill in the remaining blanks and head to the next page, you will need to add the URL’s that you want Google to have in their pool. So if you have a large website with a ton of different navigation menu items, you can add each part separately, or just add in your entire website URL and Google will scan each individual page.

Once you do that, you arrive at the ad creating part where you don’t manually write out your URL and headline, but only the descriptions. You are leaving it up to Google to decide which headlines would convert best for you depending on the keywords and URL that they select.

But after you do that, you are done with your new dynamic search ad! If you want to create a new dynamic search ad with perhaps different descriptions, you can just click on “create new ad” at the ad group level, and you should be able to create a dynamic search ad from here now. However you will not be able to create a standard ad unless you activate the “standard” feature for the ad group.

To do that, just go to your campaign and create a new ad group, selecting “standard ad group” at the top from the dropdown. This will allow you to create regular search ads for that specific ad group now.

If you want to know what performed for you with the dynamic search ads, you would go into the keyword search term report and the landing page tab to see what landing page and search terms were the *winners*.

You can then include these winners into another ad that you manually create this time using the knowledge that you now obtained from these Google dynamic search ads.

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!


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  1. I have created the DSA ad for 3 days and it had gotten only 7 impressions so far… Not good! Under website coverage, I see that it's 50% & MY bid is $1, anyone know what is going on?
    -I really hope my DSA campaign can start running so that keyword management would be nothing in the future, instead give it to google's AI to do the rest!

  2. Hello Ivan, I am about to start dynamic search ads seeing their many benefits. But after scrolling through the many comments on youtube about DSA campaigns, most are negative mentioning IRRELEVANT traffic & a LOWER conversion rate! May I know what's the truth of it all? Thanks.

  3. Hi very informative video Thanks. I created a DSA today its approved by google. But Dynamic ad target Status shows "Eligible: Pending". When this ad will goes live?
    I'm a web hosting provider. I serve hosting at very low prices with very honest customer support. I need to spread my hosting every where. So I made a DSA on google ads. Kindly tell me when this ad will delivered.

  4. Hi Ivan , If i have changing daily latest posts on my home page , will dynamic ads work ? Or should i add each post URL to a separate dynamic ad ? Thanks

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