THIS is Why Digital Marketer FAIL (3 Questions that Practically Write ANY Ad)

It doesn’t matter you’re selling through webinars, writing copy, or high ticket closing over the phone, asking yourself these THREE questions will result in more sales, bigger commissions, and happier clients/customers.

In fact, when Digital Marketers fail with their ads it’s usually because they haven’t asked these questions honestly…

Discover these three questions in this video.

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It doesn’t matter what medium you’re selling in…

These simple questions to ask yourself will help in ANY medium:

-Closing over the phone
-Selling LIVE or in-person
-Writing Posts for Instagram or Facebook

Most gurus will simply tell you what to say or what to ask…

But this is only PART of the solution.

It’s far more important to take into consideration what you’re asking YOURSELF as you’re selling to a prospect, client, or customer…

Whether it’s in written form, in-person, or over the phone.

You may find that asking yourself these questions brings in FAR more revenue than what you say…

In fact, you may never need another sales script ever again!


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  1. These three question are the most important question we need to asked ourselves especially when it comes on to sales. I appreciate how you elaborated on each of them and the simple manner in which you did it. You are indeed doing an excellent job anthony not flattering you but its the truth.

  2. Anthony always encourages us to provide Value, he really practices what he teaches, I know; I am one of his students. The question is truly relevant, Am I providing value, even if I am selling? it is a challenge to give value, not for a lack of wanting to, but sometimes it is for a lack of ideas of value, having bonuses, ebooks, etc, etc, etc. And that's why I keep working to add value and hope to build upon what's learned,

  3. Anthony my Facebook page is just for personal use. I’ve never used it for business. Would I continue to use my page to start a business or earn extra money? Or, would I need to create a new page?

  4. This is great training! Thank you very much, every of your training I just don't wants to missing, I learn a new things. It was good training I am So excite. Thanks

  5. Waste of time any money, this people made me spend $ 1.400 as Ambassador since I bought I am always trying to get through to them for advices and training as they promise and guess no single word from them, I have spent nearly $800 sending traffic and I only got 8 sales and none of this sales are converting in others sales for me! If I were you I would think twice before buy this garbage!

    Ps he is only here doing this videos because this is part of the strategy in order to get free traffic and your attention, so that means even if they are not doing any sales they will say otherwise! Stay way PEOPLE THIS IS JUST AN OTHER GURU TRYING TO TAKE YOUR SKIN OFF

  6. I like all three of these questions. If I had to pick one, I would choose providing value. I think it is always a good practice to add value to those you can. It can make a huge difference. Join Success Connection or Partner with Anthony to experience the added value you receive in the trainings.

  7. We have to made the earnings is balance, we can't just tells people's how much they can made, everything's is depend on preferments, everyone's have differences thoughts; therefore, we are not using the money's to attractive to them, we must be make sure they're the abilities and how much they interesting of money's or how much really interesting of the jobs, if working just for money's is not worthy whatsoever.

  8. I did INDEED! Take a screen shot of your WhiteBoard on this video Anthony Morrison! – Great Video on sales, Excited to hear about the new software – Keep the videos coming! – Great content as always!Thank you

  9. the 3 questions to ask yourself while selling is a mindset to move toward success. It is a matter of taking massive action and being consistent. Thank for the great content.

  10. at Excellent video. I just did a short mailout and the responses were disappointing. People liked my information, but no one took me up on the offer of getting access to a great free product. Now I realize I was not doing any of these three steps!

  11. People don't care about you, they care about them self. The value you provide will help them, provide solutions for them, fit their needs. What are the benefits, solutions for your customer? Explain how using product can benefit the user, get the result they want. Great content! Thanks again!

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