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I know this doesn’t have much to do with Investing – building wealth – or passive income – but finding a partner who thinks the same way can be incredibly important.

Here’s what I’ve come to realize over the years: You WILL ATTRACT what you think you’re worth and what you put out there, and how you portray yourself WILL have a direct affect on the type of people you meet and how they view you. This goes much further than just relationships, by the way – this includes friends, colleagues, business parters, and acquaintances – if you LEAD and ATTRACT people with flashy clothing, cars, and status – you WILL ATTRACT THE PEOPLE who are most receptive to those qualities.

Here’s what I’m getting at: if you want to meet someone who thinks the same way as you do, who shares those same beliefs…THAT’S what you need to make known from the very beginning. Be EXACTLY who you are, and don’t be apologetic about it…if you embrace exactly what you’re looking for, and you believe in what you’re doing…it’s going to make it THAT much easier to find someone else who thinks the exact same way.

I ALSO don’t think it’s unreasonable to place an emphasis on financial compatibility…I know money has previously been this topic that no one talks about because it’s not proper etiquette…but, I think it’s a very realistic component to any relationship, and logistically – when you’re in a serious relationship – you need to be upfront with how you plan to manage finances, and whether or not your long term goals will clash with each other.

And remember: this has NOTHING to do with how much money someone makes…I’ve seen people making $500,000 per year but they’re the most financially irresponsible people who constantly live paycheck to paycheck…just like I’ve seen people who make $25,000 per year and somehow manage to save half of their income.

This IS JUST about Financial Responsibility, and setting the expectation and framework upfront about what works with you and what doesn’t – generally, it’s important that both people have a positive, health attitude towards finances – and as long as there’s the emphasis towards working together towards a unified goal, how much money either person makes is largely irrelevant.

And listen…at the end of day, a relationship can bring an IMMENSE amount of joy into your life in so many immeasurable ways…but, it’s just as important to make sure you’re attracting the type of people who are RIGHT for you, and being totally UPFRONT with who you are, what you want, and what you expect – without purposely doing things “just to get in a relationship.” Ideally, I think it’s just as important to learn to be completely comfortable on your own, first, so that you can build the confidence of becoming self sufficient as a person…something like that just comes naturally, and everyone will move on their own timeline – there’s no rush, and it’s not a race.

Relationships are an incredible learning and growing experience as a person, and it’s NOT something to shy away from because you think money complicates things…but, learning how to showcase who you are and what you stand for is a quality that not only a future partner will appreciate, but will also help shape you into a more confident person in general. The sooner you get in the habit of doing this, the easier it will be in the future.

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  1. Marriage is a governmental contract. To marry is "to let government decide". But if you don't want the government to decide, sign a pre-nup, we say…..Hmmm🤔? Why sign a contract, the rules of which you don't like, so that you can sign yet another contract to make sure that the original contract's rules don't apply (since you don't like them). Isn't it easier to just not sign any contract in the first place? I personally think marriage is useless, first of all. Secondly, there are too many cases out there, in which prenups turn out to be futile and not taken seriously by courts! In other words, courts have power to neglect your prenuptial agreement at their whim and they often do just that. So why bother with marriage at all? In my opinion, when it comes to relationships, it's the love that should matter and not external paraphernalia with the risk of governmental involvement.

  2. You will save yourself alot of time, hassle and bullshit if you're straight up with what you're looking for in a relationship from the beginning

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  4. The elephant in the room… Is narcissism. There are people out there, who got raised on the idea they are only a loveable hooman, if they earn X or look like Y. Everbody should be aware of that. They just feel loved then, if u treat them positively about these surface things. They just have a different connotation of love and most likely not gonna change that. So a woman which demands all that stuff is in fact trying to feel loved from you, because thats what they learned love means. But if ur idea of love is different, stay away. Greetings from Germany

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