I Paid 200$ On YouTube Ads To Grow My Channel: Here are the results! (YouTube Ads Case Study)

When It comes to growing YouTube Channels, someone may ask if we can grow a youtube channel fast by running a pad YouTube ad campaign. so I decided to create a live case study to show you how YouTube Ads work and how to run a campaign to grow and promote your channel.

So I spent 200$ running a YouTube Ad for 5 days and in this video I want to share with you all the results so you can have to know how things work before you run any campaign.

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  1. Spending 200$ to get over 230 subs are quite good in comparison to my case. I spend 120$ and gain 18subs and still losing more subs day by day even if my channel is only 450subs. I still try to do more campaign to test and that is why I found your channel. As you said it is really not worth to spend for that little gain. Maybe, just organic growth is the best answer. Later, it may grow or die away.
    BTW. thanks for sharing your experience. Cheers! One more subs from me.

  2. Thank you sir,for information,am trying to start with get response but just want ask you about payment plan every month,do I need to choose a plan before I wil start selling for them sir?

  3. Hi, H-EDUCATE my name is bravery please I need help from youโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.

    I registered with star-clicks.com itโ€™s a PPC ads that require various IP address to be clicking the ads or the link as a publisher account and Iโ€™ve upgraded to gold member and Iโ€™ve been given HTML code to place on my free blog which I did.

    So whatโ€™s a Techniques use to generate various IP address with one system?

    How can I generate genuine various IP address with one system?


    Hoping for favorably reply.

  4. I found another of your channel… But you don't post there again why?..

    Please can you teach how to extract email from any website 2020 using a free tool?…

  5. Beautiful video as usual. My question is when running a video Discovery ads do you leave the video you're using to run the ads on public or unlisted ? Please reply.

  6. This video helped me understand the process easily, now let's see if I can make it work out. I literally only have 1 subscriber now, let's see how my channel looks after Halloween…

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