How to Run YOUTUBE ADS in 2024 | YouTube Ads Tutorial for Beginners (Step-by-Step)

YouTube ads can be a powerful way to reach your target audience and grow your business. In this YouTube ads tutorial for 2024, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know. This guide has everything from setting up your Google Ads account to targeting the perfect audience and creating effective video ads! Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refresh your skills, this tutorial will help you master YouTube advertising.

YouTube ads offer a unique opportunity to connect with potential customers. In this step-by-step YouTube ads tutorial for beginners, I cover campaign setup, ad formats, bidding strategies, and all the latest updates for 2024. Discover how to reach your ideal customers on YouTube and achieve your marketing goals.

▶️ YouTube Ads Tutorial:

Video Ad Formats:

🎬 Timestamps:
0:00 – Introduction to YouTube Ads
0:18 – Types of YouTube Ads
1:14 – Campaign Setup
5:28 – Bid Strategy & Budget
6:29 – Targeting Your Audience
14:06 – Create Video Ads Setup
16:55 – Ad Creation
17:09 – Setting Your Bid & Creating the Campaign
17:52 – Finalizing Your Ad & Editing Your Campaign
20:20 – Conclusion

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  1. Hey Ivan, I just watched your video and I must say that it was really informative and well-made.

    I was wondering if I could help you repurpose your long videos into highly engaging shorts? I can also make high CTR thumbnails for your channel

  2. Hey lvan, I just saw your video and it was awesome! I was thinking, what if we made your long videos shorter and more interesting? And I'd love to help create some attention-grabbing thumbnails for your channel too!

  3. First like and I just found you. You got a very rare notifications spot for a reason. Please indulge me by letting me know your thoughts on UpHex & GHL for one team member, and YouTube ads for the other? Process? Thanks for all you out out there!

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