How To Write a Blog Post (Step by Step For Beginners)

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Do you want to learn how to write a good blog post, fast? Maybe you’re new to blogging, and need to improve your blog writing skills?

I’ve decided to make this video to show you the full process of exactly what I do, step by step, to research and write all of my blog posts.

First, I’m showing how to make sure that the topic and keyword of your blog post are not too competitive and give you true potential to actually get free SEO traffic to your website.

Next, I’m showing how to research your article and structure the outline of your blog post so that you can then write the blog post quickly without wasting time.

Finally, I’m showing you the actual process that I follow to fill in the outline.

This way the whole process is super easy and fast.



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Finally, before publishing your blog post to your website, it’s important to add some finishing touches.

You will need to add some links to high-authority websites. That way, your page is backing up the claims that it’s making by linking to trustworthy sites. Think of sites like Wikipedia – they often link out to hundreds of external websites to back up the facts that they mention. So doing this will give your site higher trust in Google’s eyes.

Also, it’s important to interlink your blog post with lots of other blog content from your site. This way, readers who are reading your article will be likely to read more blog posts from your site. This will improve your bounce rate and give you more pageviews, which means more ad revenue, more leads and more sales.

Hope enjoy the blogging tips in this video. You now know how to write an awesome blog post. So now, it’s over to you!

Enjoy 🙂

Greg Kononenko
(The Caffeinated Blogger)


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  1. I have written a couple blogs for my portfolio. After watching your video, I understand why I have mental roadblocks. From start to finish, you described everything I need to do over. Thank you for the help.

  2. Hi, great video. So I just started a new blog, with a Da of 1. Most of my competitor's have Da of 70 and above and are already ranking for the keywords I'm targeting. How do I compete favourably with them?

  3. Never thought of myself as a writer but I’m willing to learn how to, to achieve financially freedom for myself and my family by building a online business.

  4. hey i love your content but now that i am actully writing a blog i dont see enough infomation on how to insure im using the key words correctly or have enough headers subtitles etc i dont see alot on yur page that explains that

  5. Hi Greg, im using ubersuggest right now to find keywords that I can rank for, and it says I have a domain authority of 1, so what SEO difficulty should I go after? many thanks.

  6. Im so excited about wrighting a blog for the past few days I was watching your videos that how to make money online so easily as an affiliate and I have tried many statics that you have reached me from your videos
    But unfortunately all the roads were ending up a same point is conducting a new way is not that easy as we think as you can see while I wrighting this I'm jumping a content to another content don't know why is that happening after I realise that I had to delete and rewright again and again and sadly I stop wrighting but I think this method might help me to get through the same flow as posible thank you sir for your knowledgeable contents

  7. Hi, I just found your videos on Youtube…I loved it! I am just starting out writing blogs…I want them to go with my youtube videos. Thank you for the great info!!

  8. Hey I really hope you answer my question, I’m not in the US, but my blog is targeting anyone that knows English let’s say, and amazon affiliates has an affiliate program To each country I guess, should I go with amazon affiliate US or my country’s?, let’s say i pick US affiliate program, does that mean i will not get money from people outside of US? Or not get money at all because the affiliate program is not my country’s? Thank you

  9. I couldn't believe you are sharing these skills for free. I just spent 5 hours on your channel and really learned alot.
    So as a return i watched the whole Ad and also clicked so i can give you back ❤️ peace ✌🏻

  10. valuable video, great job, i'm newbie for write a blog post, i will use your methods to writer the post and See how is going. keep up the awesome work! like these step by step action tutorial. thanks

  11. Hi! Writing is not an issue for me, I like to write and am pretty good at it. The technical aspects of driving traffic to my articles and generating revenue are a total boggle. I have watched a lot of videos, step by step, but still a mystery. Content -no issue. Technical stuff – clueless. I need even more rudimentary explanation than even this video!

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