How Much I Make With 2 Million Subscribers

Here you go – This is EXACTLY how much I make from ad revenue on YouTube with 2 Million Subscribers – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Why I’m making this video:
For me – I’ve enjoyed watching videos like this from other people who chose to share their experiences, and I just find it INSANELY inspirational to see how people got to where they are, and everything involved in the, I’m going to cover everything I possible can, and hopefully, this will be helpful to anyone who wants to make their own YouTube videos one day…or, even if you’re just curious how much a YouTube channel with 2.5 million subscribers makes in the finance space…here you go.

Overall, I’ve done my best to stay as consistent as possible, I read nearly all of the comments to see what types of videos people want to see, I read hours per day of news to understand exactly what’s happening in the finance – investing – stock market – passive income – and financial independence community, and I spend as much time as I can to bring you the best possible videos as I can make. I also hired a full time assistant and editor for the second channel, so that way I can make sure nothing falls through.

I’ve also started a podcast with the help of my colleague and editor, Jack, called The Iced Coffee Hour

It’s absolutely unreal to even think something like this is possible, and that I get to spend every day doing something that I find so fulfilling and fun…and I owe all of that to YouTube for making this possible, and YOU watching this for all of your support on the channel. I could NOT have done this without you, and I’m just happy to be able to give you the information you want me to make, and do my best to bring about more financial awareness and show people how personal finance and building credit can be fun.

But, seriously – ALL of this is because of you, so thank you – and that’s why I always do my best to read the comments, respond to as many of you as I can, and listen when you say something – I love that we’ve built such a supportive community where we all want each other to succeed, because it’s very true – a rising tide lifts all boats, and if we learn something new, it’s up to us to share that with each other and do our best to help everyone succeed.

My content is far from perfect, I make mistakes, and I’m human…but, I love making videos, I like sharing information, I love investing, and if I can encourage you to do the same, then I’ve done what I’ve set out to do….and lastly, if you’ve made it this far in the video, it would mean a lot to me if you gave it a like. It helps out the algorithm, and if we can get this video in front of people who find it helpful…it would make me really happy. Thanks!

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  1. Many life's has been transformed, many debts has been paid off through investment with Miss Beckie, its never too late to get started, never depend on a single source of income

  2. Excellent advice, since I got to understand how trading works better. I follow Mrs Bonita Mollet's rules and this has worked amazing for me. Diversify, dollar or pounds cost averaging investing method, portfolio re-balance every quarter and I've found a mix of managed and index funds has worked out the best for me

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