30 Minimalist Lessons About Money

30 most important lessons about personal finance that I learned in 30 years.

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These are the top 30 most important personal finance lessons that I’ve learned about money in 30 years of my life. Most of them have to do with how to make money, how to invest money, how to save it, etc. and some of these are general lessons about life that I’ve learned about my 30 years of life.

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  1. I wish someday to meet Andrei. I discovered the channel a week ago and I can say that Andrei makes me more confident in myself. Watching and listening the channel is a great investment that I reward by a (like). I believe that more than 1% of people in the univers will feel the same as me.

  2. First things first .. great videos. Very educational and helpful. Thank you!

    Let me agree do disagree with your opinion about the LUCK!
    I read somewhere: "Success is a matter of luck, said the failure!", and I completely agree.

    You think that you are where you are by accident or by luck.. ?! Really?? no, no, no

    I don''t think so mate 🙂

    anyway keep doing your things and be happy and healthy. Thanks again!

  3. i started watching you at 700k now you are at 1.26 million!!!!!!!! id say the risk vs benefit paid off! Being from Russia too, you are very inspirational for me to build my wealth!

  4. Adrei, you are an inspiration to this new generation. My era is John Maxwell. Keep working and following these lessons you just reminded us to do. I see you with a great future. You don't even have a clue of how high you will fly.

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