Blog vs. YouTube – Which Should You Start For 2021?

Blog vs. YouTube: Which one will grow your online business faster? A YouTube channel or a blog? This video has βœ… NO Ads 🚫 No Pitches βœ…!

If you are ready to start a blog, here is the free step-by-step guide –

The first way to analyze whether you should start a YouTube channel vs a blog depends on whether you are starting a review affiliate site or if you are a transformational affiliate.

If you don’t know the difference between these two affiliate marketing strategies or the differences between them, watch this video:

if you are interested in my progress and growing this YouTube channel from zero within one year, be sure to watch this update:

Specifically I go into the analytics and how many videos I created plus the results here on YouTube including my view time, number of views and the number of subscribers I gained.

The main key from this video goes beyond choosing a blog versus YouTube.

The real point is that you are going to need to dig in and create content for a sustained period of time on one platform before gaining the trust of the platform.

Many people stop before they achieve the growth they desire because it is just difficult and takes more time than they expect.

If you are growing your platform and you are thinking about changing from a blog to a YouTube channel, be sure to watch this video:

Once you make the decision to go all in on building your audience, regardless whether it is on YouTube vs. blogging, you need to kickstart your momentum…

There are many learning curves you will have to go through in order to become a competent and prophetic publisher on either platform.

This is why I recommend you do a 90 day challenge where you published 90 pieces of content in as short a period as you can.

One video or one blog post per day every day for 90 days is the target… but some people can’t keep that pace up therefore it is simply how fast can you published 90 great pieces of content?

This is a free training that teaches the 90 day content marketing challenge:

Of course if you decide you want to blog and would like to learn how to drive traffic, here is my free training for teachers how to get traffic from Google with your blog:


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  1. Hey Miles, do you think the current political situation with platforms censoring certain people based on political affiliation will affect YT as it is FB, Twitter, Parlour, etc?

  2. very excited to get started… I just downloaded your blueprint. I'm going to begin this now as I'm unemployed due to COVID. I'm still looking for work as an IT Project Manager out here on the west coast. What should I be concerned about w/ affiliate marketing now that I'm sure covid has turned so many to home-based businesses?

  3. I am so grateful I found this video! I realized that making videos is more fun for me. I find it easier to create videos than writing blog posts. Eventually, I am going to blog (or just hire a writer) for my tutorials if I'm already earning enough on youtube. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I'm done buying courses for now. I bought pinterest course and the instructor kept on plugging courses of other bloggers it was as if every step to becoming successful on youtube or in blogging needs to have a course. I'm going to focus more on youtube and build my authority before I do other things so I won't burn out.

  4. Hey Miles
    thanks so much for this short video- I was feeling exhausted today when it comes to my blogging, but this video gave me the extra push and information and energy to keep on going, even when super tired.
    thanks and have an awesome day πŸ™‚

  5. I've been avoiding your content lately, Miles. Because you speak truth that makes me uncomfortable. That means that what you say works and it makes me feel scared to succeed.

  6. Miles, for the next 3 years, I would be most comfortable in a hammock where my daily decision was Mia Tia, or Mojito? I guess the real question is, what is the best working approach to get to the hammock?..hmmm….Great stuff as always, Thank you!

  7. I started both. The youtube channel I started 5 months back is now at 10k subs and recently when I learned about blogging from your channel I started an educational website related to my youtube channel. Just earned my first Amazon affiliate sale yesterday when I promoted a post with my youtube community. It's not much but hey, it's a beginning. 😊

  8. Thank you very much Miles! I'm grateful for everything you've taught me, and greatly appreciate how you inspired me to start a blog. I'm loving it! Sending you and Melanie lots of love and light. πŸ’–πŸ’–

  9. Great video Miles and very educational – I started blogging on keywords mainly to support my therapy business to get face to face clients. I saw alot of hypnotherapists and people making YouTube recordings in my niche so I thought I would help give value and showcase what benefits hypnosis recordings can have for other people without having to pay for a 1-to-1 session. I like YouTube because it helps build my organic traffic back to my website, build my email list and even bring in a little bit of revenue via AdSense! Thanks again for all you work – Tansy

  10. Working hard on this daily. It is my dream to escape this dreadful 9-5 and do something I am passionate about. I know the day will come! Thanks for your amazing content!

  11. this is so true …. most businesses need a minimum of 10 years of showing up and getting down n dirty … life has 2 choices to offer, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret ☘️🀟

  12. I started with a blog. I am now working on setting up a Youtube channel. I think both gives more exposure and fit my niche. I wanted to get one started and going well before starting the second.

  13. Miles, do you ever get frustrated when YouTube commenters ask you to give them a niche after you've shown them how to choose their own?
    Your wife's business niche is one I would never have thought of in a million years.

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