How to Start a Blog and Make Money Step by Step for Beginners (in 2020)

So you want to start a blog and make money? In this video, I will show you how to start a blog step by step. This tutorial is for beginners who want to make money blogging in 2020 – enjoy!

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you’re patient, you can make good money from your blog. It takes time to set everything up, but the traffic that you get from your blog is mostly passive, and that’s what I personally love about blogging.

Watch this video to learn exactly how to start a blog in 2020 and make money from it!


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Video Outline

00:00 Intro: How to Start a Blog and Make Money
01:13 My Blog TravelCroc Overview
02:48 How To ACTUALLY Make Money Blogging
08:46 Step 1 – Find a NICHE For Your Blog
10:19 Step 2 – Register DOMAIN and HOSTING
12:17 Step 3 – How to FIND GREAT KEYWORDS
15:09 Step 4 – Publish Blog Content that GETS TRAFFIC
18:12 Step 5 – Get TRAFFIC and MONETIZE it

Video Summary:

I love blogging because it’s an excellent way to make money passively. I run several blogs in various niches, and I have been a full-time blogger myself for over 4 years now.

If you also want to start a blog and make money blogging, then here are the steps that you can follow, all contained in this video.

First, decide on a good profitable niche for your blog. The niche is important, because a bad niche might mean that you barely make any money.

Second step is to register your blog name and get a hosting account. I recommend Siteground (link above) for your hosting company, and I recommend to get a “com” domain extension because it’s the most professional.

Next, you will need to find the keywords which you will be targeting with your blog. You can use Ahrefs or any other SEO tool that you’d like for that.

After that, you need to start creating blog posts on all the keywords that you’ve shortlisted. You should aim to publish content that is at least 2000 words long, and make sure it’s high quality and original content.

Lastly, once you’ve published 15-30 blog posts on your new blog, you will probably start getting some initial trust from Google, and you might notice that your traffic is now starting to grow. At this point, you should monetize your blog, so once you hit 50-100 visitors a day, I recommend for you to apply to Google Adsense, and then to start adding affiliate links to your site.


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Greg Kononenko
(The Caffeinated Blogger)


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    Cobain dah maen di inii situs…
    Mumpung lagii gacor bangett bang apa lagi buat member baru udh pastii dah di kasih hokii…
    Depo kecil min 10k WD min 25k

  2. Hi Greg. I recently found your channel and I'm really enjoying your videos. I just started my own blog and I've been following the advice that you've given, not only in this video, but also some of your other videos. I do have a question though. With regards to finding a niche, do you think that having a "How to" blog is a good idea? It's not a specific niche as such, like dogs or travel. But does this not give you a chance to rank for a lot more keywords than you would with a niche blog? My blog is a "How to" blog and so far I've been writing about what food to eat as a late night snack, how to get more followers on Instagram, how to learn a new language etc. As you can see, quite a broad spectrum of topics, but they are all written with a "How to" theme. Am I setting myself up for a fall, or do you think this is a good avenue to explore?

  3. Focusing on one or two sites and writing a lot of content? Or writing less content and opening many sites?
    (e.g. 30 posts for each sites).Which one are you doing and what is your suggestion
    ? Thanks for awesome video.

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