[Lead In / Lean In] Thank You Page Released

Last night we closed out week 2 of building your “lead in / lean in” business.

(If you’re new, this is a completely FREE business we’re building together that you’ll get to sell when we’re done… and keep ALL the profit.

On the webinar, I bought 5 “student versions” of the opt-in page for this business for $100 each – which I’ll distribute to the group next week.

Plus I re-opened access to the original “done for you” opt-in page I gave you last week.

I also gave you the thank you page for your business… this is the page your prospects will go once they “optin” to your list. (… and it’s designed to get you PAID)

This webinar was pure fire…

Here’s what we did:

1. Released “thank you” page for your Lead In/Lean In Business
2. Bought student “opt-in” page designs for $100 each (releasing next week)
3. Reopened access to DFY opt-in page

If you’re a new student you also got 8 businesses completely free on this webinar!

Here’s what you got:

– Your very own Monthly Newsletter business (done for you)
– Your very own Done For You Funnel Club business (done for you)
– Your very own 14 Day Challenge Funnel business (done for you)
– Your very own Instagram business (done for you)
– Your very own YouTube Profits video training course (built for you)
– Your very own 8 Figure Formula book business (completely done for you)
– Your very own Inboxer Academy monthly membership business (again done for you)
– Your very own 7 Figure Email Strategies business that makes you $497 each time (and yes it’s done for you)

*** You also received 4 BONUS FUNNELS to promote Russell Brunson’s “Traffic Secrets” book as an affiliate (completely free & done for you) ***

As you can see gave you not 1, but 8 new businesses that you can profit from and use instantly (my team built them).

One click and all of these are yours completely free during our training.

– Anthony

PS – I released a new video on Youtube yesterday where I talk with special guest Patrick Gentempo about how to replace your paycheck during a pandemic watch the video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBjN18bov0c

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  1. just letting you know that I posted my first video on youtube, it was extremely difficult for me because I used to suffer with a severe stammer when I was younger and occasionally it is still difficult for me to get the words out, which is also why I am sometimes reluctant to answer or use my phone sometimes.
    I have lost both my parents when I was 35 years of age so I can relate.

  2. HI Anthony. I am so glad I found you again as I came to one of your courses about 7 years ago and it never happened as I went through a terrible marriage and could not focus to save my life.
    So I am back again and I am very keen to join up with you.
    I am so sorry about your father and I know exactly how you feel. My father died on my birthday of Dec 18 2019 and I am still finding it hard to comprehend that he is no longer hear. (I say this with tears). It is also weird that you mention of the motorbike tragedy because my sisters beloved also got killed 2 years ago on a bike too. I just know that from experiencing the same things, (In not trying to sound whoo whoo,) this is a sign and this will really show my dad, that I can do what I should have done so long ago, but did not have the strength and in some way feel like I failed him.

    I will get signed up and join the meetings and hope that you find some small relief that my experience with my father helps you heal and that you are now living his life through your eyes and even though that is a thought that seems unbearable to understand, just know that he would want you to be happy and brave for him.

    Take care and even though its mother's day today, lets salute our fathers as well

    Kim Brandt

  3. Our past has already been written, Our future is UNwritten … write the script for your future now. I give myself permission to control my future. to be aware of whatever, I want / need it to be.

  4. Hey Anthony, I’m doing things similar with Fb lead ads and you told me the best interests for A free training on affiliate marketing, and it worked I generated 434 emails in one day but I had a problem with my product I was promoting so I’m starting over again. Do you recommend On the TYP to promote a free training related to my lead magnet and then presell them the same or a different product in there emails? I promoted the same product as my typ and emails and it was terrible but I won’t give up. Thanks

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