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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to create a Microsoft Ads “call-only” campaign. The reason why it’s in quotes is because there is no specific call-only campaign that Microsoft ads offers, but you can make something similar to it with call extensions.

In this video, I create a sample campaign for you for a piano studio (you can check out how to build out a campaign from my playlist link attached above) and then show you how to add the call extension and what option to choose.

So when you finalize the campaign structure, go to the ad extensions part, select “call extension” and add your phone number.

The key thing to select here is the “show mobile number ONLY”, NOT the “show mobile number and website”.

This way, when people see your ad on mobile, they will only see the phone number in the headline for your ad, thus automatically calling that number when clicking on your ad, as opposed to going to your website, which is what you want for call-only ads – get more calls!

This only works on mobile however, so feel free to adjust the mobile/tablet/desktop bids as needed. Also, because these are call extensions, they can sometimes NOT show up, so don’t think that once you set this up, these call-only ads will now show up everytime. For this reason we also had the quotes around “call-only” because Microsoft still doesn’t have the same exact structure as with Google call-only ads and so we needed to come up with a walk-around.

You might also see the option when adding this call extension to use a “Microsoft forwarding number”. Selecting this option will cause Microsoft Ads to replace your number with their own number which will then forward the call to your own personal number. This is beneficial because it then allows you to track calls to your site in the MIcrosoft Ads interface itself without needing a third party tracking system (although you might want to have one in place just in case anyway).

Keep in mind however that YOUR number will not show if you select this option – so if you want to focus on building your brand and getting your own personal number out there, you might not want to go with this option, and instead use a third party tracking system to measure conversions.

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!


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  1. Hello Ivan, I'm facing another issue and I was hoping if you can help me out, I have found your videos very useful and recently I decided to use Google analytics for PPC ads.
    1) I created a goal in google analytics
    2) I linked my google ads account with google analytics account and I imported the goal.
    Problem: I can see the goal but I cannot use it in my ads. More than 48 hours has passed so I was curious it's a bug or something? Maybe you have experienced something similar

    Screenshots below for more clarity:

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