[Lead In/Lean In] 20 Sales Pages Released!

We just completed week 6 of building your “lead in / lean in” business.

(If you’re new, this is a completely FREE business we’re building together that you’ll get to sell when we’re done… and keep ALL the profit.

On the webinar, I released 20 ‘rapport building’ pages ready for immediate download.

Plus I bought 15 new “objection building” pages from students for $750 that I’ll release next week.

AND we bought 25 emails on handling objections written by students for $500.

We also started connecting your lead in business to get you “profit ready”…

Here’s what we did:

1. Bought 3 sets of 5 “overcoming objections” pages from students for $250 each
2. Bought sets of 5 “overcoming objections” emails for $100 each
3. Gave away 20 “rapport building” pages ($1,000 value)
4. Started connecting your entire business & funnel
5. Reopening access to all previous business assets

If you’re a new student you also got 8 businesses completely free on this webinar!

Here’s what you got:

– Your very own Monthly Newsletter business (done for you)
– Your very own Done For You Funnel Club business (done for you)
– Your very own 14 Day Challenge Funnel business (done for you)
– Your very own Instagram business (done for you)
– Your very own YouTube Profits video training course (built for you)
– Your very own 8 Figure Formula book business (completely done for you)
– Your very own Inboxer Academy monthly membership business (again done for you)
– Your very own 7 Figure Email Strategies business that makes you $497 each time (and yes it’s done for you)

*** You also received 4 BONUS FUNNELS to promote Russell Brunson’s “Traffic Secrets” book as an affiliate (completely free & done for you) ***

As you can see gave you not 1, but 8 new businesses that you can profit from and use instantly (my team built them).

One click and all of these are yours completely free during our training.

Where to find me:

🗣️ Follow Me on IG – https://www.instagram.com/anthonymorr
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  1. Thank you Anthony!! You are so good for my serotonin level!! 😊. Love these! Thank you a million times!! And thank you for loving your students so much!!

  2. Hello. Hello. Hello. I’ve Been watching you and Russel “funnel” and Anthony I’m seriously I can’t be more greatful for the service you provide by simply recording and explaining. Not only weekly updates “checking in” on me to ensure I’m heading the right way. Like the other “presenters” have been my role models these last 2 months. I’ve learned so much and it’s like I have put at least 5 hours a day into myself the unlimited investment.
    25% learning 75% doing. It takes me about 3 hours it feels like to watch one of your video. You provide so much information.
    Seriously on some coolness. I would be honored to get an interview with you via online webinar. I’m asking for 15 min just to introduce myself. Now it can go 2 ways.
    I don’t offer a good enough “request” or “offer”
    What can I do to get an interview with you witn you for ten min.?

  3. Thanks so much @AnthonyMorrison – I look forward to implementing these over the coming weeks as the funnel system gets built out – love the work the PWA students put in too! 😊👍💓

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