How To Shopify Drop Ship With $100 From Scratch (Beginner Strategy)

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In this video I am going to reveal how I was able to take $100 and turn it into a profit with Shopify Drop Shipping. I won’t reveal just yet as to how much I made (I want you to watch the entire thing – duh). However if there is one thing I will reveal is that ….


Shopify Drop Shipping has been one of the easiest ways for me to earn a passive income online since 2015 and I was one of the pioneers in the Drop Shipping space. However, much has changed since when I first got started and the landscape has gotten more competitive and much hard to compete in if you’re just getting started.

That is the main reason why I started the Shopify Drop Shipping challenge to see if I can take $100 and turn a profit so that anyone no matter your skill set can copy my exact drop shipping strategy.

Using Shopify is a great platform but you can use many other platforms of your choice. I personally love Shopify because the easy of use and their order management system.

I hope you enjoy this case study as much as I enjoyed making it for you. There is a lot that went into this video and days to edit and hiring new video editors and all that fun stuff.

I am going to be releasing WAY more Shopify Drop Shipping case studies, challenges and other incredible videos that you are going to absolutely love so here is what I want you to do right now…

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If you want the ability to make even more money with Shopify drop shipping I’ve also devised a fantastic video for you revealing some winning products for Q4 that you can start selling immediately:

Now I do need to add a disclaimer in there that this video like all of my others is for educational purposes only and you should use this tool at your own risk. There are plenty of dystopian laws and regulations regarding sending “nonconsensual emails” and text messages, but that’s on you to do your homework with the current FTC guidelines and stay safe.

Let me summarize that this is one of the best ways to start making money in 2021 with affiliate marketing and by far the easiest to get you going earning on ClickBank.

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  1. A video straight to the point 😄. I also have been doing similar videos and maybe you should check me out. I'm sure you'll find see a lot of useful info on this topic on my channel too.

  2. hey dan amazing content man, may i ask, how do you do that buy one get one free animation?
    my guess is that you're using an animated canva template, correct me if i'm wrong 🙂

  3. Dan, if using gifs or images of a person thats hasn't given their approval could not lead to liability and potentially being sued from the model? I'm asking cause i wanted to do that but was skeptical..

  4. Dan how do i go about making a Instagram brand page for my Shopify store, I usually see these Instagram pages with 10k Plus followers but after doing some researching their store is pretty new.

    Are Most of these brand Pages bought?
    Do they pay for followers?
    Do they try to grow a page before starting a Shopify store?

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