Confronting Kevin O’Leary | How He Spends $400 Million Dollars

Here is a detailed look into how Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank spends and invests his money – wait for it – Boomer bucks – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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  1. Just one think y’all need to know, some moments in life are above money or any achievements because it is those moments that you will smile when ur remembering them in the end or ur journey.

    And you can’t reverse back in time to go see ur kid play soccer or enjoy ur life out while in your in excellent health.

    you can’t climb mountains and do all the fun stuff when your in ur 50s if u eat bread it will be as if u ate poison, now where is the freedom there and you definitely won’t be able to do certain fun activities that your able to do now but u would probably be able to still make money that u can make now.

  2. I love the confidence Kevin has when they're talking about work-life balance.
    I want to be able to come into a situation where someone is telling me to breathe and I want to just respond with the same level of confidence with "No, no, I don't buy that."

  3. What a waste. What does it matter what you can do when you are 50 but nobody to share it with. No kids, because they don't care so much about you, also when you are 50 you are not 30 anymore. Don't forget that.

  4. sad to hear him say he doesn’t have a great relationship with his kids and will never be content. no one seems to be putting any weight on these aspects and instead focusing on how much money he makes.

  5. Kevin is pumping value of watches. I'm suspicious. Not to hard to envision he is wanting out of his valuable watch collection (collection of items he thought were investments). He has come to his senses. Watches are not investments. Rolex is not in the watch business. They are in the Luxury business. Kevin might be able to occasionally cite a watch worth more than someone paid. That is the three card monty first move…

  6. I'm guessing he enjoys earning it and enjoying spending treating his family or friends out as well. I bet he he enjoys dinner and wine coffee or tea and sometimes pie. With a big tip to low income workers! Cause middle income earners are the fuel of the economy.

  7. 12:00 "And where ever I go after that i'll be working there too" – This goes to show you that he hasn't given his life to the Lord… You can't earn righteousness with the father, its a free gift . People when you die you cant take your money with you. You either know Christ or you dont… lets hope Christ knows you ( and me)!

  8. Uh yes, if you're worth 50 million you can definitely stop working. Wtf was that? And giving up kids soccer games so you're rich in your 50s? I guess money is more important than kids and memories to him. Sad.

  9. Kevin O'Leary might be very savvy as an entrepreneur, but it's sad to listen to his views on life in general. He's so convinced that he's right that he can say things like 'I'm not as close to my kids as I could have been', 'I don't believe in work-life balance' with a straight face without realising that he has basically failed in many of the core aspects of life. And then it's clear that he has a very narrow view of the world, when his only idea of retirement is to visit beaches. Of course he's gonna get bored. There are so many more interesting things you can do besides travelling.

  10. so the take away is give up all the meaningful moments in life with your family and your youth, so you can 'do whatever you want' when your 50 – 60+ years old. i think by then the things u really want to do you already missed? im sure there is a balance. u dont need more then 50 million dollars thats for sure. especially if earning more requires you to forfit your good moments in life.

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