My Tesla Model 3 Regrets | The TRUTH After 15,000 Miles

Now that I’ve officially owned the Tesla Model 3 for over a year, here is my update, my thoughts on the car, my experience owning one, and how I think it can be improved. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan | Get $1000 Off Your Tesla: If you buy a Tesla through my referral link, you’ll get $1000 off –

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From a BUSINESS perspective, it’s interesting to see how Tesla choses to price their cars…unlike most car manufacturers, you don’t have a lot of options with Tesla. This is done on purpose to be able to streamline the production process as much as possible for Tesla, keep overhead low, and build in as much profit margin as possible while they continue growing…and, I think it’s a great strategy.

Half the time I go to open the car door…it just doesn’t open for whatever reason. So, in order to open it…I have to unlock my phone…from there, it’s another 50/50 chance of it working…and, if all else fails, I have to sit there while the Tesla app loads on my phone…which usually takes 5-10 seconds…and then, once it’s opened up, the car will unlock. A little minor annoyance more than anything…but, still…I hope this is fixed at some point.

In terms of paint quality…overall, I’ll be honest…it’s just okay, and while it’s probably GOOD enough…there are some areas of the car that needed attention. There have also been issues with under-spray between some of the body panels that were missed….now, in Tesla’s defense, NONE of these are actually noticeable if you aren’t looking for them…but, once you see it, it’s hard to miss.

This car pretty much DOES do it all. Storage is absolutely incredible…you have the front trunk, which I have NEVER actually used…but, it’s cool that it’s there. You also have a HUGE trunk with seats that fold down anytime you haul stuff.

The small cameras around the car can used for recording motion, and then storing that footage on a memory card for you to view later. I WISH…however…that there was an option to LIVESTREAM the Sentry Mode from your phone just to check on things…that way, your car could almost act like a security camera wherever it goes…I also wish you could record audio with this, as well…so, while something is up to no good doing something, you could hear what they’re saying.

When you’re parked, the entire screen turns into an entertainment console where you could watch YouTube videos, go on the internet, check in on Netflix, etc.. UNFORTUNATELY…to have access to anything that requires the internet, you do need to pay for their data streaming, which costs an extra $9.99 per month…personally, I wish I just had the option to use my phone data and tether that to the car to use.

AND IDEALLY…at some point in the future…I’d like for the touch screen to be customizable, where you can re-arrange the icons depending on your own preference, similar to an iPhone.

But, on a more positive note…overall, my ownership experience with Tesla has – by far – been INCREDIBLY enjoyable. The minor annoyances are really just that…minor…and, overall, I LOVE the car, and in a way – it’s spoiled me from enjoying anything else. I literally wouldn’t get another car besides a Tesla at this point, just because I like it so much.

This is the only car, too, that just gets BETTER with time, as weird as it is to say. Tesla constantly releases updates every month or so that improve the features of the car, that increase its mileage, that maximizes its speed, and they’re constantly optimizing…so, this has only gotten MORE ADVANCED since I bought it.

HOWEVER…If I were to do it all over again, I do regret not getting the long range model instead…that would’ve saved me so much time from having to make extra stops at super chargers. And I should’ve bought the white interior…lesson learned.

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  1. Meh. I've driven several Teslas. No. You don't get used to the random ipad out of your dash. If someone gifted me one, i would rip the ipad out first thing. Seriously, it would be like. "Oh cool" *open door* *rip off ipad*. All in about 30s. I have an 8lbs sledgehammer, and im not afraid to use it.

    The only way id buy one is if i could negotiate the removal of the ipad. 🤢🤮

  2. I know it's nitpicking… but I'm really shocked at the poor paint job! If they make such a mistake on something you can see, imagine what mistakes or missed details they make with the stuff you don't see. I was about to pull the trigger on a Tesla this week, but the more I look into it…the more excited I am at getting another Toyota. Had Toyotas my entire life, but dreamt about having a Tesla. Now that I can afford one, I don't feel confident in buying one.

  3. No mention of fire dangers when charging or in an accident. A woman and her 12 year old daughter were killed in their Tesla weeks ago in CA when she hit a tree and the car burst into flames. Cause of accident not known. This gentleman is obviously a fan of Tesla but if he's killed in the car those points will be moot. I do hope nothing like that ever happens to anyone, but it has already to some.

  4. Use the touchscreen to open the glovebox..That's just retarded. I seriously hate everything about the interior design of this car, but the touch screen is the biggest turnoff. You still get a lot of simulated car for the money.

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