I Got Covid

Here was my experience with COVID, from start to finish. I wanted to wait until I was 100% sure I didn’t have any long haul symptoms before posting this video, so this update was very long overdue – but, here are my thoughts. Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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  1. I have been very fortunate not to get Covid because I don’t be exposed by too many people and take lots of vitamins each day to help keep my immune system strong 💪🏽

  2. Hello you might got exposed by touching a contaminated surface like a door knob, etc :and touch your eyes and face which is a possibility 🤔
    That’s why I always use hand sanitizer germs 🦠

  3. Pretty sure you got it because you took the shot. I've been maskless for over a year now. Never got the shot and never will. Same thing happened with the flu. Stopped taking that shot after I left the military and never get the flu. Maybe once or twice but now never.

  4. This disease was very very weird. I just got over it and I just lost my taste and smell which is extremely weird. And I feel like I’m very slow. Like my brain is way off

  5. I got a positive self test, and still waiting on pcr test. So far just sinus symptoms. No idea how or when I was exposed. I only go to work, to the grocery and to the dollar tree. I live alone and don't socialize with anyone. I think it's most likely that I got it from a customer at work, because we haven't required customers to wear a mask for several months and even customers who do wear a mask will usually pull it down below their chins when they approach you to speak to you. I don't know why people do that

  6. Had it in November and just when I got to the 10 days and thought it was behind me, I ended up in the hospital with two clots in my right lung. You never think it could happen to you, until it does. Glad your case was mild. Seems like everyone has it right now.

  7. I got Covid in March 2020. My doctor advised taking me to the hospital. My wife decided not because most people were dying if admitted, at least that was the belief. I recovered but it was a scary experience.

  8. Since Christmas I have been 100% exhausted. My workplace has an end of fiscal year crunch so I figured it was just overwork. But now I feel like I have a mild flu and persistent headcold. I should probably get tested. The good news is I too work from home and never go out, so hopefully, I didn't spread it to anyone!

  9. Glad you’re doing well, but everyone who’s gotten the dart will also get it and then they will also not have the benefit of natural immunity and will most likely get it more than once.

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