Don’t Buy A Home In 2023 (Sellers Panicking)

Let’s talk about the housing market, why California mansions could see a drop in prices, and a new tax plan that could have an effect on everyone – Enjoy! Follow my Newsletter Here:



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  1. I’m 45 and I have about $250k liquid in savings which I plan to put towards becoming a homeowner but based on the current high prices on real estate, do you suggest I hold from buying or do stocks for now?

  2. Republicans like me love to complain about how the government is corrupt. That corruption stems directly from the rich buying off our politicians with legalized bribes. There are two possible solutions to this problem. We can tax the rich … or … we can eat the rich. Pay your taxes Graham. 🍽️

  3. 0:00: 🏠 Housing market prices are both crashing and surging at the same time, with California being hit the hardest.

    3:04: 🏡 The implementation of an additional transfer tax on high-end properties in Los Angeles is expected to negatively impact the high-end property market and potentially result in more people leaving California.

    7:21: 💰 A proposal to raise taxes in the United States could have various effects on the economy and individuals.

    9:23: 📊 The proposal discusses various tax plans, including taxing unrealized capital gains, increasing the Affordable Care Act tax, closing loopholes, and quadrupling the stock buyback tax.

    12:47: 📉 The proposal for a flat tax on consumption instead of income tax is deemed impractical and would likely lead to higher costs for everyone.

    Recap by Tammy AI

  4. It is difficult to make exact projections for the housing market as it is still unclear how quickly or to what degree the Federal Reserve will reduce inflation and borrowing costs without having a substantial negative impact on demand from consumers for anything from houses to cars.

  5. I predict a housing crash due to people buying homes over asking price, lacking equity if prices decline further. Foreclosure becomes likely if they can't afford the house, and selling won't yield profits. With anticipated layoffs and rising living costs, many individuals may face this situation.

  6. The tax is doing it’s job. It’s job is to clear out people in California. The rich that don’t sell their house stays, the ones that leave pay for it and the ones that can’t afford to move stay. But most people are moving, causing the homeless to mirage with the population. The tax is doing it’s job

  7. As a new first time homeowner, I really hope that the mortgage rates come down so I can refinance. Even at 6.5% im still probably doing better then had I continued renting since the rental market in my area is very expensive.

  8. Rethink that there is "not a unrealized gain tax", isn't that the way property taxes are done now. You are reassessed each year on the potential value of your house based on current market and you are paying taxes on that amount. So the majority of americans are paying tax on that unrealized gain, which is majority of population is the middle and lower income which is one of their largest investments, so they are being taxed in that way but based on the type of investment others are not. Poke some holes in that.

  9. I think a housing crash will happen because all those people who bought homes over asking price, although it was at a low interest rate, they are over their heads. They have no equity if the housing prices continue to go down, and if for whatever reason they cannot afford the house anymore and it goes into foreclosure because even if they try to sell, they will not make any money. I think this will happen to a lot of people especially with the massive layoff predicted for the future and the cost of living rising at a high speed.

  10. Maybe California needs to loose those $5 million buying home people and reduce their tax expenses. I really don’t see how keeping things the same will help people afford a home and avoid homelessness, higher taxes might not be the solution but we have to try something

  11. The ridiculous expectation that government will solve your problems is at the root of all this. Smaller government. Less spending- in every facet of government. Also stop instigating and funding foreign wars.

  12. Another thing that's happening is for all the programmers that have expensive houses… They don't really need them anymore…. they can leave California and work somewhere else if they work remote…. and they can go purchase a tiny home in Mississippi if they really want to…

  13. I believe that investors in NY and CA are the reason that regular people can’t find a home at a reasonable price. Maybe disincentivizing investors to come here will help balance the playing field. Im tired of renting, but I can’t find a reasonably priced house because investors have bought them all. Am I wrong?

  14. New york will required the rental market to drop another 80% for average new yorkers wages .
    No one should to work 80 hours per weeks just to avoid homelessness.
    No one should to work 80 hours week and give 90% just for housing.

    Please , let create millions of construction jobs and build millions affordable rental units

  15. You quoted the tax foundation for what a 28% corporate tax would do? Come on dude. If you’re gonna get into that we need to make a whole video explaining corporate tax rate and back up the facts. You just briefly grazed the balls of something very important.

  16. if the 'rule makers' continue to try and disenfranchise the poor, the homeless and minorities this spiral will continue. STOP STEPPING ON PEOPLES NECK CAUSE U DONT WANT THEM TO EAT AT THE BUFFET. CAUSE YOUR GOING TO PAY FOR IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

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