It's Over: China’s ENTIRE Economy Is About To Collapse

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Throughout the last few years, China experienced what many would call a “real estate housing boom bubble,” as citizens preferred to invest their money in housing as a safety net, causing the real estate market to increase double-digits year over year. But, there was a problem:

It’s alleged that some of the largest developers were taking presale money, funneling them into NEW projects for the purpose of garnering even MORE pre-sale deposits, and running a property Ponzi-scheme by using new funds to slowly complete the construction of past projects.

As more and more properties fell behind on construction, or flat-out abandoned projects due to a lack of funding…buyers have staged a mortgage boycott…where “All homebuyers with outstanding mortgage loans will stop paying, unless construction resumes before Oct. 20.”

The loans have also spilled into their banking system, where customer deposits have been frozen since April. Over 400,000 customers across China have fallen victim to similar “bank-run” activities, and it’s reported that a quarter of the industry’s total assets are held by 4000 smaller lenders…”which often have opaque ownership and governance structures and are more vulnerable to corruption and the sharp economic slowdown.”

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout Graham! Props to you for providing incredible additional research on the global implications of China's collapse.

    The CCP has been attempting to censor videos like this so it's essential to get the message out. Anyway, big fan of your channel and keep up the great work.

  2. Last week of December 2023. More of these china will collapse videos started popping up again. Oh, the CIA paid clowns will report anything. Even if it makes them look really stupid.

  3. AnneZie. USA you are already collapsed and bankcrupt. China knew how to get out of their own problem. USA can't even breathe. How many millions unemployed homeless. Address that issue first

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