Act Your Wage – You Are Just A Number!

Act Your Wage – You Are Just A Number!
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  1. The truth is anyone who quits a job, Because more is expected from them..

    Should live under a bridge

    Considering the entire world wants to move to america for the job opportunities.

    That's one reason why immigrants are so thankful..

    I do believe in a living wage,

    But anyone who would quite quit definitely has their mom and dad to move in with. So that they don't end up under that eventual bridge.

    The spirit animal for quiet quitting is. The communist hammer and sickle.

  2. You get paid what you agree upon, not always what you are worth. You can negotiate higher agreements if you are worth more. Do a good job. If you think you are worth more, talk to your boss. If you can't agree on a figure, quit and try elsewhere.

  3. Chase your money screw loyalty your work isn't your friends or family. At the end of the day you are there for money so go get it. If I ever see a mention of family in a job description I immediately avoid that job.

  4. I think the correlation between people who take more time off get paid more has more to do with advocacy. People who value their time push their boss to pay/promote them. They advocate for themselves. If they don’t get what they want, instead of bitching about it, they leave. People who coward at taking time off because they’re scared to are also more likely to be scared for standing up for themselves

  5. What you said at 9:41 is absolutely true. Companies trick their employees into believing that they are part of a family….but only when its fits the employer. As soon as you ask for a salary increase you are not part of the family anymore 😅

  6. When I worked at Polycom the supervisor used to follow employees into the bathroom and record them under the stall and then send the videos around the office. Anyone who reported him was put on a PIP within 24 hours. I feel like we are well past quiet quitting at this point.

  7. As someone who’s somewhat conservative, the conservative people who say “you’re not entitle to other peoples labour therefor you don’t get free stuff”

    Also feel entitled to your labour and if you don’t go above and beyond to give your labour to businesses via overtime or taking on more work for the same pay…

    It’s not lazy to refuse to give a faceless company more than your contracted hours.

    Give your devotion to those who will be at your funeral, not those who will forget you the second you leave.

  8. I left a job in August 2022, worked at a job for two months and then switched to my current job and went from $40,000 a year to $70,000 a year. With my side hustle included I will almost triple my income.

  9. I work for a huge corporation who helps you build your resume. Not just build your own worth, but there is a team that will actually help you build up your paper resume.
    Funny part, doubt I'll leave them! Never felt more accepted and appreciated by the company I work for!

    With that, I understand quit quitting and acting your wage. Companies have wildly disrespected the working class, under paid workers, and over worked workers. They get what they asked for!

  10. I’m a medical assistant and at my work yu can not request PTO/days off unless yu have pto in yr bank 🏦 which means if yu need to see the dr. Which was my case I had to wait till my 90 days nd still request for the following month. Then had to request appointment days for dr. Visit and left with no Pto because we don’t get paid holidays we use our pto. Nd it’s medical but hey $0 for health insurance 😂yeah thinking of a new career overall tbh

  11. "Our company is like a family" turn and run, you absolutely killed it with how when you needed something, it was a huge deal, but when the company needs something its without hesitation

  12. i jumped my salary at my job by 80% in a year and a half as well as a title promotion. I work for an engineering firm. This was through negotiation and stating my value. I never offered to leave, but i showed data how much other companies were paying for my day to day job.

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