Dollar vs. Peso: Argentina's Currency Revolution Could Change Everything

Dollar vs. Peso: Argentina’s Currency Revolution Could Change Everything
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  1. I wonder if Argentina could add more competing currencies like BTC to the market. The world is watching, praying and hoping the best for Argentinians. Unless your a leftist, they want everything but your job

  2. Argentine here: Javier said there is enough to dollarise
    We argentines will walk this painful road with our president, and we are willing to come out death or alive out of it.
    Your description is 100% on point.
    If he is able to maneuver the needs of the hungry poor with the painful steps he is already taking, there is a chance. We take it, wish us luck!!!

  3. Great review, Andrei! Informative as always. Didn't know quite a few facts that you brought to light in this video about Argentina. Fascinating to hear they were top 10 wealthy country & that currently they are +- 1/3 owing to IMF. Wild statistics. Thank you!

  4. Modern economists recognize how myopic Milton Friedman was and then there is you. The only revolution this will cause is the revolution of the Argentinian people when they realize this fool is going to sell off all the state assets to private capital.

  5. I was part of Rothbard's "anarcho-capitalist" movement in the late sixties. In the mid-sixties, Rothbard did a sleight of hand, by substituting "anarcho-capitalism" for the traditional (since Greco-Roman times) "competing governments". "state" is a type of government that credibly enforces a quasi-monopoly on organized force; all states are governments, but not all governments are states. A "government" is simply the organization of force in support of a legal code; the term refers to the process of governing; compare "pavement", "improvement"; etc. Rothbard proposed competing agencies of the use of retaliatory and defense force, without calling them what they are: "governments". Which means, Rothbard's "anarcho-capitalism" is not a form of anarchy but simply limited, competing governments operating under natural law.

  6. – трошла држава више него што зараде
    – живјели преко свог стандарда
    и нема
    а тако су ти томе у том правцу и све државе запада на тај начин
    – само што "они и одређују што је колико и гдје вриједно"
    зато ћемо ми овуда избацити вилдерса и консификовати му имовину
    – вратити гулден и гледати ко у што троши а пара нема за џабе
    //то да неби то исто дошло и овдје
    – а пошто се они већ друже холандија и аргентина није искључено да неће и то доћи

  7. It seems pointless, as the evil cabal wants to put the whole world on a cashless system 👿…..just a matter of time. I pray he is watchful. 🙏🏻⚔️🙇‍♀️👑❤️‍🔥

  8. I stopped watching the video at the appearance of Milton Friedman who made Chile a totally disabled economy.
    If you have a headache, you can take Tylenol instead of cutting your head.

  9. It seems like a smart idea that can benefit both Argentina and these United States. The only drawback is Argentina wouldn't be in full control of their own currency, but instead giving power to a nation they don't have a vote in. They might as well consider petitioning US government leadership for union statehood.

    As for Bitcoin and how money works, we do understand. In the 21st century our world needs a Monetary/Monitoring system more than ever to make certain people can't take advantage of a connected Human ecosystem cybernetic atmosphere environment. This is Money storage , or archive information like honey and bee hives. It helps everything run smoother when we hold data on transaction movement. (Finance) fin-an-sea and (currency) current see from economy and ecology "eco wave – ion beam".
    Sea and See. Season and see sun.

  10. And as you can see, if you remove the holocaust in the world wars, Nazism is very much Socialism as can be seen with Peronism. Peron actually back the Nazis and gave them a place to go after the war. There is no difference between Argentina and any other hard-core socialist country. Even if Argentina was right leaning while the others were left, leaning in the end, Socialism is pretty much Socialism, whether it’s Nazism Peronism, or what you had in the USSR. What people confuse is what they have in Europe in the United States, which we called Socialism, which cannot exist without capitalism. They are not the same, even if they sound the same.

  11. Historically what you’re saying is fairly accurate, but nationalism does not have to be linked with the state of them know it has not directly has been.
    Peronism is the same as Nazism. It is national Socialism Fascism, like that of Mussolini and Franco in Spain, has less of a socialist bend the Nazism or Peronism, and in the case of Argentina and Spain, these regimes lasted a hell of a lot longer than Mussolini and Hitler‘s which ended, as a result of them starting words for territorial expansion. The Spanish and Argentinians did not get involved in his wars, and that’s did not get killed off even the right wing versions of these regimes which you find in Italy and Spain, which want to give more power to the monarchy(statism) and then the case of Francos fan the clergy(catholic Chuch) which is actually a foreign power had to do with the fact that the Spanish themselves and their nationalism is very Catholic and Catholicism is centered in Rome. In the same way, you might see a nationalist Sunni, Muslim state outside of Arabia make some sort of obeisance, if not politically, and at least culturally to Mecca and via extension the Saudi’s. But this is because the nature of the nationalism is religious, and it really has little to do with religion itself.
    And anyone nationalism is not statism him and statism is not nationalism.

  12. Greece and Italy are good case studies of replacing a currency. Inflation was brought under control, but the economies remained stagnant. At least they are EU members and have some kind of say in monetary policy. Argentina will have zero say in US monetary policy.

  13. Don't conflate gold with bitcoin. They are not the same. One is tangible, the other is not. One, you can break into a safe to get to, the other, if you lose your password, it's gone. One needs physical force to steal, the other, a hacker.. to take the whole system. They are not the same.

  14. Why would the IMF keep borrowing Argentina money if they knew that the Argentinian government could never pay them back?. The IMF like the Argentinian government are too blame for this.

  15. Peso devalued >40% now … how’s that for the Argentinians? It’s gonna kill the locals and create hyper inflation as imports will cost more.

    Milei is full of BS. He cannot adopt USD because he has NONE in the reserves. He needs the Yuan swap line but he wants to say no more to communists.

    Your assessment is very far off the mark. Argentina has no dollars.

  16. Moral of the story is that people must not allow elected officials to overspend and they must curtail government departmental spending to less than 10% of GDP. Large cost projects must get approval form the country via referendums before being initiated, after all the people are the ones who ultimately pay for these projects, not the officials that instigate them.

  17. You can boil all that to: “lets somebody else print and govern our money supply because we are not capable to..” Welcome short term stability and goodbye sovereignty. That being said, I am happy to support my fellow Argentinians in their desire to pay my country debt.

    Great educational (in general terms) video. 🙂

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